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Unbelievable Celeb Weight Transformations


Even though Hollywood expects celebs to consistently stay in shape, it’s harder than it looks! We give you the top Hollywood stars who succumbed to gluttony but still came out as winners and achieved incredible results in weight loss!

Zach Galifianakis

His success with the ‘Hangover’ trilogy left Zach looking like his goofy character from the film itself! However, the actor recently took his looks into his own hands and started working out regularly. Galifianakis looks more handsome than ever, leaving behind the ever-so amusing look and taking a step closer to being a heartthrob.


Melissa McCarthy

She found success in her role in Gilmore Girls and continues her role in high profile movies. She recently showed off her massive weight loss feat of 75 pounds and man does she look good. Mad props.


Jessica Simpson

Ever since she found love with Eric Johnson, and had two kids she found herself in the overweight bin. However, after some help from the Weight Watchers and some serious workout routines, she is looking finer than ever.


Gabourey Sidibe

Although she never had an enviable body to begin with, she’s been working on trimming down the extra cellulite. She’s managed to cut 50 pounds ever since her rise to glory, obtained by making acting contribution to ‘Precious’.

2-Gabourey-SidibeNicole Eggert

Best known for her role as Summer Quinn in “Baywatch”, Nicole Eggert went from being one of the hottest celebrities out there to running a family business. Her new career path entailed running an ice cream truck – a business she described as “bringing a fun, unique, and innovative twist to the ice cream man”. Sadly, this pivot took its toll on her figure, too.


Rob Kardashian

The only man in the Kardashian clan at the moment, Rob used to be one of the regulars on the show, and frequently graced Hollywood’s media with his presence (the drama follows to this day, however). After dealing with a difficult break up, Rob gained a significant amount of weight, hit a difficult patch, and became engaged to personality Blac Chyna (with whom he now has a daughter). It seems like Rob is putting in the effort to go back to his old self, though!


Seth Rogen

When Seth Rogen’s career just started, the actor was one of those lovable characters you just couldn’t relate to in a comedy. We’ve seen him in all sorts of movies – “Knocked Up”, “Pineapple Express”, and most recently, “Neighbors”. Since his rise to fame, Seth Rogen has clearly hit the gym – because he looks better than ever! The munchies must be hard to resist, though.

Seth-RogenChaz Bono

Ever since his gender reassignment surgery, Chaz – Cher and Sonny’s son – has been struggling with keeping a healthy weight. Because of the serious transition, Chaz claims that he felt very disconnected to his body, but since then has made several (some successful!) attempts at losing weight. Bono has now managed to lose over 85 pounds, and looks better than ever. Even though it’s been a difficult journey, he states, it was worth every moment!


Tyra Banks

After being burned for her overweight showing back in 2009, Tyra got totally psyched to get herself back in shape. She’s now killing it, back in shape and rocking her model body once again. Big up, Tyra!



Adele is an icon with her chart topping hits and bigger than life voice. She has managed to change her personal image from cute and chubby to a straight 10 as she still churns out those chart smashing hits.


Chris Pratt

Chris went from being the chubby next-door nice guy that he starred as in ‘Parks and Recreation’ to defeating all sorts of Marvel villains as a ripped superhero. You’d almost think that these are two completely different people!


50 Cent

Who would’ve thought that a former rap star could go to such an extent in order to fulfill his role? Curtis Jackson is rumored to have lost around 60 pounds only to accurately portray a cancer patient in an upcoming picture.


Jonah Hill

Starting his career in 2007, Jonah Hill took all the attention with his cute charming personality in Superbad.  Titled as unforgettable and unrecognizable, Jonah presented himself in a slimmed look at Toronto International Film Festival in 2011.


Alec Baldwin

Ever since his prediabetes diagnosis, this movie legend has been looking all over for viable weight loss strategies. The state that his body is in today shows us that some of them clearly worked, as he is now nothing short of stunning.


Rosie O’Donnell

After certain public remarks regarding the state of her physical health, Rosie decided to devote large portions of her weekly time to improving her shape. Two years later, she stands slimmer than ever, having lost 64 pounds in total.


John Goodman

This hilarious Hollywood superstar didn’t make it to this list by losing his weight in a short period of time. He confessed to having a sort of eating disorder, which he succeeded in managing and eventually obtained this figure.


Aretha Franklin

Although she enjoyed a mountain of fame being the great singer that she is, she was never happy with her unflattering appearance. Aretha later made up her mind about dropping all the extra pounds and ended up looking much healthier.


Drew Carey

Not every weight loss achievement is owed to pure dissatisfaction with one’s body. Drew didn’t really care for how much he weighed until it became a problem in his career. He decided to lose immense weight in order to host ‘The Price is Right’.


Christian Bale

One of the most extreme Hollywood transformers of all time shows us what real devotion to acting looks like. He makes the transition from a measly skeleton in the Machinist to the most badass bat look like a piece of cake.


Ronnie Ortiz

He became famous for his super attractive ‘Jersey Shore’ appearance, which later resulted in fame-induced health neglect. Once he realized what his laziness turned him into, he decided to hit the gym and drop a load of pounds.


Oprah Winfrey

The leading lady of Oprah Winfrey Show put in loads of effort, struggled for years to come out as one of the most powerful women in the world. She proved her mettle in losing weight too. But losing 30 pounds was hell of a ride for her.


Kirstie Alley

Alley maintained an unpleasant shape for a large portion of her career and continued so into old age, but it’s never too late to turn things around. Using the Jenny Craig program, she managed to drop 55 pounds at the age of 65.


Shonda Rhimes

One of the most extreme turnovers on this list was achieved by Shonda Rhimes, who somehow dropped an insane 130 pounds through immense dedication. She claims her struggle was made possible by the constant support of her loving children.


Carrie Fisher

Carrie’s neglect of physical health caused by bountiful riches made off the Star Wars franchise became apparent after a while. However, the new role she’s been assigned in the legendary tale put her right back on track.


Al Roker

The famous TV show host junk ate his way into a 340-pound mass of unhealthiness, before eventually realizing the harmful effects of his state. With persistent exercise, he managed to slim down to a satisfying 190 pounds.


Tom Arnold

He could be best known for the TV show, Sons of Anarchy but little is said about how much weight he’s lost over the past couple of years. He lost 100 pounds after tying the knot and becoming a dad. Better life decisions led him to the path of getting in shape and looking good.


Kevin Liles

The CEO of a giant in the music industry first let his rich lifestyle spoil his eating habits, which soon became evident to the public. He kept going with this appearance until 2007, when he made up his mind about staying healthy.


Wendy Williams

Although not as fast as the rest of her colleagues, Wendy made a major change to her formerly flabby appearance by following a weight loss plan. She claims that changes of this magnitude take great amounts of time and dedication.


Perez Hilton

The famous blogger didn’t really care for his unkempt physique, as he was too lazy to actually exercise by himself. He ended up hiring a professional trainer to help him put the burger aside and to get rid of some serious fat.


Jill Scott

Even before her debut in the year 2000, she used to be completely uninterested in changing her eating habits. Jill kept her reckless appearance for over 20 years before she decided to go on a diet, which resulted in a 63-pound loss.


Ricky Gervais

Seems that life hits us in the face at thirty. That’s at least true for Ricky Gervais. He never thought of his weight as a problem till he crossed the 30 mark. He then struggled to lose weight in his 30s after he realized getting into shape was actually important.


Abby Lee Miller

The famous large dancer took a sudden turn in life once she got diagnosed with prediabetes. She underwent a lap band procedure in order to drop the unlikely amount of 8 dress sizes, and she’s planning to take this strategy further.


Chaka Khan

Chaka shed loads of time living the high life, spending as much as she wanted on whatever she liked, until she noticed the mistake she was making. She underwent a strict vegan diet in order to achieve this massive change.


Kim Kardashian

After marriage and two children, Kim Kardashian had gained some major weight and wasn’t feeling too good about it. She embarked on a transformative journey that saw her lose 70 pounds and back to her curvy sexy self.


Graham Elliot

Graham was a crucial celebrity of the ‘Masterchef’ TV show, and the abundance of food in his line of work resulted in his massive weight gain. However, his strict workout plan took him from 400 pounds to under 250 in 3 years.


Chaz Bono

The famous advocate, actor, and musician began his career with rather flabby physical features, since he didn’t care so much for his appearance back in the day. His preferences eventually changed, resulting in massive weight loss.


Queen Latifah

She made her name in the Hollywood industry through great humor and entertainment, but her shape was always unsatisfying. It seems like she gradually became sick of her careless lifestyle and decided to change for the better.


Lauren Alaina

The famous American Idol started out looking super attractive, but there was certain fat tissue that needed taking care of. Lauren realized that her body required some alteration and thus dropped 25 pounds as if it was no bother.


Ruben Studdard

Although his corpulent build greatly contributed to the voice that made him one of the first American idols ever, he was still determined on toning it down. Ruben managed to lose an unbelievable 112 pounds since the year 2003.


Paul Wall

Paul Wall was one of the rappers that formed the hip hop scene in the early 2000s but after getting married and some life choice changes, Paul decided to lose weight and along with his wife lost 200 pounds between them. The change is dramatic and fantastic at the same time.


Randy Jackson

After his Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, the superstar ascertained that his bad eating habit needed to go away. Ever since then, he’s managed to lose over 100 pounds in his struggle against the impairment, and he is still going strong.


Mariah Carey

She started as a ‘Bigger Than Life’ celebrity and gained more pounds after her breakthrough, only to eventually decide to turn things around. She lost an unimaginable 70 pounds to achieve her current breath-taking figure.


Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks was the chubby 17 year old winner of American Idols and after falling ill during a show, she realized she needed to live healthier. Since then she has lost 50 pounds and now looks amazing in her leaner hot body.


Jennifer Hudson

Being the famous singer that she is, she decided it was high time to lose all the extra fat. Jennifer used her steady income to obtain the expensive service of weight loss experts in order to control her diet and physical activities.


Star Jones

Another extreme transformation on the list, achieved by someone who was always brutally self-critical. Jones used to claim she is ‘morbidly obese’, and eventually made a drastic change to her appearance, by undergoing gastric bypass surgery.


Ricki Lake

This Emmy award winner began her rise to fame with a not-so-healthy appearance, which she used to gain even more fans. After lengthy consideration of her unhealthy habits, she started cutting serious weight and dropped an unbelievable 18 sizes.


Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

After her ‘Jersey Shore’ scandalous breakthrough, she decided to quiet down and eventually bear offspring. She unavoidably gained additional weight during her pregnancy and continued with losing even up to 100 pounds after giving birth to her child.


Christina Aguilera

We aren’t quite sure how such a stunning beauty acquired the time to eat into her previous bulky shape, but she’s come out of her unfortunate situation looking better than ever. This stunner dropped a staggering 50 pounds in no time.


Gabourey Sidibe

Although she never had an enviable body to begin with, she’s been working on trimming down the extra cellulite. She’s managed to cut 50 pounds ever since her rise to glory, obtained by making acting contribution to ‘Precious’.


Janet Jackson

The world-renowned queen of Super Bowl started out with lots of loose skin, but has since worked extremely hard on tightening up. The exact weight she lost is unknown, but the result in the picture gives you a good idea.


Adam Richman

Famous for his ‘All You Can Eat’ challenges, Adam decided to leave calories behind and opt for a healthy lifestyle. The confidently successful smirk on his face offers us irrefutable proof of his current satisfaction with life choices.


Susan Boyle

Scottish-born singer Susan Boyle took the world by a storm when she performed at yet another talent show; no one had any expectations… until the music started. After climbing up the ladder of fame, Boyle shed a few pounds and looked better than ever. Most recently, Boyle was diagnosed with diabetes, which made her even more motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle!


Raven Symone

She started out quite big, unlike most Hollywood superstars, but she eventually began her weight loss journey that put her in the headlines in 2011, after losing over 70 pounds. Her big tip essentially comes down to balanced meals and hard work.


Angie Stone

A large majority of the celebrities on this list seems to have been persuaded into losing weight by diabetes risks, and it’s just the same with Angie. After her Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, she immediately started her workout auto therapy.


Jerry Ferrara

Although it was required of him to remain in a neglected physical state for the remainder of ‘Entourage’, he immediately decided to turn things around once the show ended. He dropped 50 pounds in no time by following his own program.



The famous and often quoted ‘Pawn Stars’ celebrity decided to work on something other than artefacts and started working out rigorously. He has since lost a considerable amount of weight and thus takes great pride in his effort.


Mama June

This ‘Honey Boo Boo’ celebrity started her public performance with a quite unhealthy body shape. Although it did make her a unique sight to see, she eventually got tired of her disproportionate look. After losing 150 pounds, she continues to persist.

Dr. Dre

One of the most famous rap connoisseurs is required to look the part as well. It seems that his body finally aligned with his success at the age of 49, after he lost more than 50 pounds in order to obtain this striking image.


Nelly Furtado

Now 38-year-old Nelly Furtado shocked the world after making her first appearance in the spotlight since her divorce… with her new transformation! During the Pride Island concert in New York this year, Furtado showed a very real side to her; one that has been struggling with depression after the recent split from her husband Demacio Castellon (div. 2016). Back in the day, she gave up show business for Castellon.

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