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People in Iconic Photos – Then and Now


The world-famous iconic photos prove true the old adage, ‘a picture is worth thousand words’. Let’s talk about the people in these incredible photos and know where they are now.

V-J Day in Times Square – Then

A sailor kissed a nurse at Times Square in New York, after the WWII and it became an icon. The woman in the pic, Greta Zimmer Friedman, later said that it was not a kiss and merely jubilant act after the war was over.


V-J Day in Times Square – Now

Friedman, died at the age of 92 in Sep’16. She wore the uniform of a nurse in the picture but was actually a dental assistant.


Oklahoma City firefighter – Then

Chris Fields, emerges from the rubbles, holding infant  Baylee Almon, who was thrown from a daycare center on the first floor of the building when the explosion occurred.


Oklahoma City firefighter – Now

Erin Almon’s dying daughter Baylee was carried out of the devastated building by firefighter Chris Fields in 1995. Chris is now 50 and a major in Oklahoma Fire Department.


The Ultimate Confrontation: The Flower and the Bayonet -Then

Marc Riboud captured Jan Rose Kasmir, a young girl of 17,  offering a flower to the guards at the Pentagon during a protest against the Vietnam War showed the power of love in times of violence. The photo became the symbol for the Flower Power movement.


The Ultimate Confrontation: The Flower and the Bayonet –Now

She says she was dedicated to the anti-war movement and had no fears in approaching the soldiers. She has been involved in many social works since then.


American Girl in Italy – Then

23-year-old American girl, Ninalee Craig walked down the sidewalk in Florence, and shows several men ogling and giving predatory stares. Only a few days later, Craig took a ride on the same Vespa and with the same man in the picture.


American Girl in Italy – Now

Craig is now 88-years-old. She traveled to the same spot in 2015 for a soft recreation, where the photo was taken in 1951. Craig says that she never felt uncomfortable with those staring looks and she was confident at that time.

“Wait for Me, Daddy” – Then

The iconic photo was captured in 1940 as the B.C Regiment soldiers marched to a waiting train. 5-year-old Warren Bernard tugged away from his mother’s grasp to say goodbye to his marching father.


“Wait for Me, Daddy” – Now

Warren Bernard stated in an interview in 2014 that he still remembers the day he made a dash for his father’s hand and his mother’s emotions that day. He recently donated his memorabilia from 74 years ago to Westminster museum.


Beatles Fans – Then

Five teens in a Chevrolet Impala were photographed by Ringo Starr in 1964 during the Beatles’ first trip to the US. The teens bunked the school that day to see the Beatles and were later suspended from school for this.


Beatles Fans – Now

The group now in their 60’s reunited in 2013 to recreate the photo.


Jesse Owens – Then

Jesse Owens won 4 Gold Medals at 1936 Berlin Olympics and refused to do the Nazi salute, crushing Hitler’s myth of Aryan supremacy.


Jesse Owens – Now

Jesse Owens considered as one of the greatest and most famous athlete, died in 1980. He was a chain-smoker and suffered with lung cancer.


Soldiers at the Western Wall – Then

Three Israeli paratroopers were photographed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, after the war between neighboring Arab states and Israel in 1967.


Soldiers at the Western Wall – Now

The three soldiers reunited in 2014 to recreate the iconic photo. The three were seen gazing at the Wall in similar amusement as they did 47 years ago.


Tommie Smith and John Carlos – Then

Who can forget the controversial Black Power Salute at the 1968 Olympic Games? The medals did not make the athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos as famous as the clenched fist in black gloves did.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos – Now

In 2008, the legendary athletes were given the Arthur Ashe Courage Award honoring their action.

John Carlos and Tommie Smith receive their "Arthur Ashe Courage Awards" at the 2008 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles

Neil Armstrong – Then

The first strides by spacesuit clad Neil Armstrong on moon made a perfect click. This was the ever landing on moon by man and it had all the reasons to become world-famous.


Neil Armstrong – Now

Regarded as one of the ‘greatest American Hero of all time’, Neil died in 2012. He taught at the University of Cincinnati and was also involved in business activities.


Mary Ann Vecchio – Then

14 year old student Mary Ann Vecchio screamed while kneeling over the body of her friend Jeffrey Miller at protests at Kent State University in 1970. Ohio National Guard gunfire caused 4 deaths and 9 non-fatal injuries.


Mary Ann Vecchio – Now

John Filo, photographer that day, and Vecchio, met for the first time in 1995 at a conference, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the shootings.


The Terror of War – Then

Phan Thị Kim Phúc, then a 9 year old, rip apart her burning clothes and ran down the street with a group of terrified children, during an attack in South Vietnam in 1972. The children were later rescued by the AP photographer, Nick Ut.


The Terror of War – Now

Phan Thị Kim Phuc, now 53, studied medicine and was granted Canadian citizenship years later. She is currently undergoing laser treatment in Florida for the removal of burn marks sustained during the 1972 attack.

Horace Greasley – Then

He was captured by the Nazi’s in 1940 and he later claimed that he escaped the prison over 200 times to meet his love interest and returned to captivity each time. It is disputed that the man staring through the barbed wire-fence is Horace or a Soviet soldier, but it is widely considered in Horace’s favor.


Horace Greasley – Now

Horace Greasley passed away in 2010 after creating a memoir. The book was published in 2008.


Migrant Mother – Then

The iconic photo of a mother and her children was taken during the Great Depression in 1936. It is regarded as an icon of the Great Depression as it emotionally depicts a hungry and desperate mother.


Migrant Mother – Now

Florence Owens Thompson, passed away in 1983. Her daughter,  Katherine McIntosh, now 77, (seen on the left in the photo), is still alive. She says that the photo made her family both ashamed and determined never to be as poor again.


Afghan Girl – Then

The green-eyed girl in red headscarf lived as a refugee in Pakistan. She was an Afghan national displaced from Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation in 1980’s.


Afghan Girl – Now

She was identified in 2002 as Sharbat Gula. She again featured on the cover of National Geographic in 2002 as part of the cover story on her life.


Nelson Mandela – Then

Nelson Mandela, famously called Madiba, pictured after being released from prison in 1990 after 27 years. The face of the rainbow nation!

Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela

Nelson Mandela – Now

The president of RSA after first multiracial general elections, he built the rainbow nation in true sense by ending apartheid. He passed away in 2013 at the age of 95.


Monica Lewinsky – Then

President Bill Clinton hugs Monica Lewinsky at a fundraiser in Washington in 1996. Since their relation was not public, the photo went into obscurity. It was later discovered and published by the photographer who know Lewinsky personally.


Monica Lewinsky – Now

Since the affair saga, she lived away from limelight. Recently she’s been an activist and fashion designer.


Boston Marathon Bombing 2013 – Then

Just after the first bomb explosion, the police officers ran to rescue a fallen runner.


Boston Marathon Bombing – Now

The fallen marathoner, Bill Iffrig survived the attack. He returned to the marathon 2 years later at the age of 80.


Eliáner González – Then

Elián González, a 6 year old kid in 2000, is being taken into custody by the armed forces during a raid in Miami in order to return him to his father in Cuba. His mother drowned when the boat trying to smuggle them into U.S capsized.


Elián González – Now

A terrified Elián in the photo was later returned to his father In Cuba. In early 2016, he completed his diploma, and is a part of the Communist Youth Union in Havana. He read a letter on behalf of his class to former leader Fidel Castro in which they vowed support to the revolution.

Elian Gonzalez

Vancouver Riot Kiss – Then

Alex Thomas and Scott Jones were knocked down by the riot police in Vancouver in 2011. The couple kissed each other in the riot-torn street and the photo became famous.


Vancouver Riot Kiss – Now

The two are still an item and live together. They seem to serve as a true icon of love!