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Extremely Rare Photos from Woodstock


Who would have thought that a small event like a music festival in Woodstock would turn out to be such a big historical event? They were expecting 50,000 people, only to be surprised by 500,000 people. Check out these rare photos of the crazy festival.

It was never better

When the pomp peaked, even the shoulders acted as raised grounds. This woman did not want to see through the raised hands; she wanted to see the whole scene.


Flight to party

If only cheap flights were available, this woman would have grabbed that flight to party hard for sure. Lets all hope she arrived on time without letting anyone down, we wonder if someone stopped to give her a ride.


Carefree world

The lady doesn’t care about anything in the world. Could it just be the tobacco effect? As long as she has fun nothing in the world seems to matter anymore. And oh God, that natural beauty could not go unnoticed.


Back to Adam and Eve

The two lovers don’t seem to notice anyone in the world. Apparently, the world belongs to them alone. Walking through the stones and trees in the land, they just seem to want to drink in more and more of nature.


Natural bath tub

This looks like a natural bathtub that accommodates a whole community.  The festival had so many people that there was no place set apart for bathing. They had to do in rivers without caring if they were men or women.


Camping site valley

Teenagers believe in love. In such a crowd, the first thing a teenager wants is to feel safe and loved, and to have someone to count on.


Free dance

It seemed like age did not matter. Children and adults alike had to showcase their dance styles in the best way they could. The little girl would not the music pass her by.



They say that love in the shower is the best experience. Well, there was no shower, but  this couple had to take advantage of the waterfalls to create their haven.


Wondering about bathroom situation?

Well, there was no need to wonder, as long as a dive in the river was worth it. After sweating and feeling all sticky under the August sun, this person had to find a way of washing it away.


Soul Moments

He is just a man with his guitar sitting alone on a stack of hay. Maybe it is a time he fed his soul, away from the hullaballoo of the crowd.


Time to get it rolling

The gymnastic lovers would never let go of their art. Even the midst of pomp and frenzy, this couple still managed to sneak away and perform their art.


Half a million people?

A small music festival that attracted such a multitude is yet to be experienced again. To think that close to half a million people heaped themselves together in just a 600-acre land is a wonder.


Walk or drive?

It was not easy to count the number of cars against the people. It seems like there were as many cars as the people themselves.


‘Have marijuana.’

Drugs were not uncommon. Especially marijuana was not a serious drug back then as it is now. Attendees are sitting under a shade of trees and grass sharing the drugs.


Rock or Reggae

The celebrated rock music legend Janis Joplin on stage at the festival.


Joe Cocker

If Santana was there why would Joe Cocker miss such an event? He is courageously performing for thousands of people that would never even think of a festival without Cocker. In Woodstock, it just doesn’t happen.


The amazing duo

Among the great musicians of the time were guitarist Carlos Santana and his partner bassist David Brown performing on day two of the festival.


Farm owners

Max and Miriam Yasgur on their land, after the music festival and art fair. It is amazing to think that such a big event was hosted by just two people.


Bed of roses

In Woodstock you did not need a bed for a night; you only had to bring your body. People slept wherever the night finds them.  Sleeping among the people who believe in peace, love, and unity, they felt as safe as sleeping in their beds.


Human plane

Was it just much of the drink or the drugs that gave the people that superpower feeling? The man is literally trying to fly, but it was part of the fantasy that the drugs and drinks create.


Summer lunch

Many of the people worked together to help feed the multitude.  Wherever there are people, there must be food. After all the dance and fun, they had to come cater for their stomach.


It is now or never!

The Santana band, even after decades, he is still recognized for bringing Latin rock fusion to the festival. His performance was beyond amazing.


Beyond racism

You would think Woodstock was for one race. No! The party was beyond color. Regardless of race, the mission was only one, to have fun.

sleeping on two cars

State of emergency

The organizers of the event told the authority that they were expecting 50,000 people only to be surprised by a whopping hundred times of their expectation. The Sullivan County declared a state of emergency but still, the festival remains one of the most peaceful events in history.


Peace, love, and unity

‘In the name of peace, love, and unity let us smoke and drink and make merry.’ The anthem carried the four days of the music festival.


Wash and drink

You care about your hair, wait until you are in the midst of half a million people with drinks, drugs, music and dance under the August sun of Woodstock. The ladies did not care about it either. As long as she soaked it in water, she was good to run for another round of drinks.


Iconic musicians

The famous Jimi Hendrix was among the legends that performed in Woodstock. People couldn’t just get enough of his rad guitar performance.


Sand in the ocean

Need we say more? The little farm was filled to the brim. They looked just like sand in the ocean. It must have been a privilege for performers to perform to such a multitude.


Showers of Blessings

The festival did not stop the rains from falling, but this wasn’t anything to worry about. People welcomed the rain; it was a relief from the hot August sun too. The rains or no rains, the mood, remained unchanged.


Dirty hippies

After-party period is usually the most tiring period. With such a multitude you don’t expect them to leave a sparkling ground after that.  This woman is just cleaning the street after the festival. They say hippies are dirty; this just proved them wrong.