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Famous People You Forgot Had Passed Away


We all have that favorite celebrity whose life we follow closely and eagerly anticipate their next move. They are usually in the upper echelon of the celebrity world. You might know some of these famous people, but there is a great possibility that you weren’t aware that they have passed away. Read on!

Marcia Wallace

Fans of the Simpsons were devastated when the woman who gave Mrs. Krabappel her voice suddenly passed away from pneumonia. Even though it was back in 2013, the hole left by this talented woman is still immense.


Lisa Robin Kelly

Who would have known that a pretty face and a talented actress were just the outside and that the young woman had severe drinking and drug abuse problems. Her lifestyle is what led to her early death and serves as a valuable lesson to young people.


Taylor Negron

Before losing a valiant battle with cancer, Taylor made sure he left an impression on every movie he was featured in – The Pizza Guy, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and many others. It’s said to see legends like him leave us too early.


Chris Penn

After some really good roles in Rush Hour and Footloose, the actor who is best known as Sean Penn’s brother has succumbed to his obesity and passed away from cardiac complications along the way. An amazing talent.


Laura Branigan

Her songs are on literally every 1980s mix and people still sing Self Control like it got out yesterday. Unfortunately, Laura passed away suddenly, in 2004, after the rupturing of a previously undiscovered aneurysm.


Barney Martin

Not only was the Seinfeld and The Producers star an excellent writer and respected actor, but the man really knew his stuff – he was an NYPD detective in real life! Sadly, one of the best comedians ever passed away at the age of 82.


Richard Attenborough

Richard is the proud owner of two Oscars, believe it or not! Both came from the movie – Gandhi, where he was simply brilliant. Other than Gandhi, he played in Jurassic Park and many other movies, before dying at the graceful age of 90.


Michael Clarke Duncan

Not considering Michael a legend should be a punishable crime, if you ask us. After many great roles, such as those in Sin City and The Green Mile, everyone was shocked when it became known that he left us after a cardiac arrest.


J. T. Walsh

Many of us idolize the actors who play the heroes, but playing a douchebag and a villain takes an exceptional skill level to pull off correctly. Walsh was the king of that role and the world was saddened when he passed away.


John Spencer

Although his career culminated on the The West Wing, the man has a plethora of excellent roles on his resume, dating way back to the late 1940s. He died a happy man, just days after being proclaimed the recipient of an Emmy Award, in 2005.


Nicole DeHuff

Nicole was just in the midst of the rising period, playing in many important movies, when she fell ill and died from pneumonia while only 30 years old. It’s sometimes too much when young and talented people pass away.


Harold Ramis

If you’re talking about the 1980s, one of the first things that comes to mind is the Ghostbusters franchise. Harold was an integral part of it and even continued on to star in other movies before passing away in 2014.


Earl Hindman

Home Improvement is one of the more legendary shows in recent years and it still has a cult following. A large part of that has to do with Earl’s acting brilliance. Sadly, his smoking habits got the best of him, as he succumbed to lung cancer in 2003.


Leonard Nimoy

Live long and prosper! Spock certainly had his fair share of brilliant roles and memorable quotes, while being the driving force behind the brilliance of Star Trek. His love for cigarettes is what claimed his life, as he passed away from lung cancer in 2015.


Ellen Albertini Dow

To some, an idea of taking up acting at the age of 72 might be preposterous, but not to Ellen. This little old lady crashed the cast of Wedding Crashers, while also making a bang in The Wedding Singer. She was working until the age of 102, when she peacefully passed away.


Michael Jeter

Michael was a part of the Hair musical and used that as inspiration to go on and play in Air Bud, True Crime and The Green Mile. He suffered from epilepsy and his death was provoked by his condition causing a heart attack.


Alexis Arquette

Alexis wasn’t always a woman, you know. Before she was Robert and had brilliant roles in Pulp Fiction, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and many other memorable movies. She was an activist and spokesperson before dying due to cardiac arrest in 2015.


Len Lesser

Len went strong in the acting business, ever since the late 1940s. All in all, he made appearances in almost 200 different shows and movies before passing away from pneumonia, at the age of 88. A one of a kind man.


James Avery

One of the seminal parts of the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was Uncle Phil. James did a brilliant job handling the role and everyone was devastated when one of the industry’s most beloved men died after surgery complications in 2013.


David Graf

Police Academy has become a staple of the comedy world and who better to thank for that than the one and only David Graf. Everyone was saddened by his premature passing, from a heart attack during a wedding party.


Aubrey Woods

Many people forget how important supporting roles are, but Aubrey didn’t disregard the importance and decided do make himself a name by doing just that. He was also a big humanitarian and the world lost an amazing man when he passed away at 85.


Wendie Jo Sperber

She played the sister of Marty McFly in Back to the Future, amassing amazing success for her talents. Afterwards she went on to appear in a lot of works. Her career was cut short by succumbing to breast cancer at the age of only 47.


John Cazale

This man is the ultimate mobster (movie wise) as he had roles in all the Godfather movies, Dog Day Afternoon and many others. His versatility earned him a lot of accolades, but he wasn’t able to continue on with his career because of his premature death at the age of 47.


Gina Mastrogiacomo

Gina made her debut in the Goodfellas, believe it or not. She only managed to have episodic roles on numerous TV shows (The X-Files, NYPD Blue…) before dying from complications after an illness. She was only 39.


James Rebhorn

Who could forget Scent of a Woman, Independence Day and Homeland? All of these movies featured brilliant appearances by James, earning him the title of most underrated actor ever. Unfortunately, melanoma got the best of him in 2014.


Miss Cleo

If you were a child in the 1980s or 1990s, you will most likely remember the charming psychic lady who motivated people using positive prediction and tarot cards. Miss Cleo touched a lot of hearts and left a big hole in them when she passed away in 2013.


George Gaynes

Police Academy is the comedy Bible and George Haynes gave it its soul by taking on the amazing role of Commandant Lassard. He called it quits when it comes to acting in 2003 and left us quietly in 2016. An iconic man.


Anton Yelchin

The sky could have been the limit for this talented young man. He amazed us in the Star Trek reboots and had big plans, but everything was scrapped when he lost his life in a terrible car accident, while being only 27 years old.


Ashleigh Aston Moore

Child actors often lead troubled lives, as the fame is too much to come with for someone so young. Alcohol and drugs got the best of Ashleigh as she sadly passed away from numerous complications, at the age of 27.


Phife Dawg

One of the most underrated MCs in the history of hip-hop. Smooth, yet sharp, eloquent, yet perfectly blunt – Phife was everything you wanted in an artist, but our hearts were broken when the Funky Diabetic passed away in 2016.


Kenny Baker

Kenny is best known as the man who played R2D2 in the second set of Star Wars movies. He didn’t stop there, as he had many other supporting roles during his career. Everyone loved him and the world was shocked to hear of his passing in 2016.


Thuy Trang

This lady was the original Yellow Ranges in the Power Rangers installment. She didn’t have much luck in launching her career further. All her plans were thumped by bad luck and, finally, a terrible car accident in which she lost her life.


Tony Burton

The man who trained Rocky in all the movies! He is the real deal, as he was a champion boxer and ex-criminal in real life. We lost a great one when we passed away from pneumonia in 2016. A boxing and acting icon.


Judith Barsi

This story is perhaps the most devastating of all. Judith was a very successful child actor and was predicted a shining acting career when she grew up, but all that was cut short by her death at the hands of her own father.


Bill Bixby

Three decades worth of work were filled with lots of quality roles and, honestly, despite all that – Bill went away underappreciated. He was most famous for being the original Bruce Banner in the premiere Incredible Hulk movie.

The Incredible Hulk

Richard Griffiths

Not only was he Uncle Dursley in Harry Potter, but the man also had a great love for theater, where he played for decades. He even got a Tony Award for his contribution to acting. In 2013, heart surgery complications lead to his early demise.


Paul Gleason

The Breakfast Club was a unique movie and Paul was a unique man. Their match was made in heaven, but everything fell apart when word got out that Paul was suffering from lung cancer. The illness finally took him away at the age of 67.


David Huddleston

The Big Lebowski from Big Lebowski was indeed a big man. He had big acting ambitions and acted out on them, having appeared in more than 150 movies during his lifetime. 85 years he graced us with his presence, before passing away.


Michelle Thomas

It’s very sad to hear young and aspiring actors go like this. Michelle had a promising career ahead of her, but every ambition and idea were cut short by her passing from a rare form of cancer. She was only 29 and at the peak of her abilities.


David Margulies

David was everywhere, but most people recognize him as Tony Soprano’s lawyer. He was charismatic and talented and gave his all, no matter the challenge. He failed to defeat cancer and went out fighting like a true hero, while 78 years old.


Glen Quinn

Although Glenn was known for his Irish accent and undeniable acting talent, his private life was really troubled and he, unfortunately, passed away because of that. The Roseanne and Angel actor was found on his friend couch, dead from a drug overdose.


Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan was best known for his role in The Neverending Story. Although he was very creative and wrote and directed many films and short films, his career couldn’t take off. Sadly, he had enough and committed suicide in 2003.


Andrew Koenig

He inherited his acting talents from his father, who found fame in his role on Star Trek. Everyone who knew him described him as fun-loving, passionate and dedicated to his works, so him committing suicide was a big surprise.


Abe Vigoda

Abe is one of the true overlooked legends of the movie world, having appeared in many iconic movies, such as the Godfather. He had a long and constant career before died of natural causes, at the tender age of 94.


Brad Renfro

Brad rose to fame fairly quickly after appearing in The Client. His rise to superstardom was lightning fast and he just couldn’t keep himself out of trouble. After numerous drug issues and arrests, he overdosed at the age of 25.


Skye McCole Bartusiak

Child actors often have the hardest time growing accustomed to the world of fame and fortune. Skye is another example of that notion, as she passed away in 2014, from a combination of epilepsy and hard drugs.



In the female wrestling world, Chyna is basically royalty. She never really fell out of the spotlight, as she appeared in Playboy a couple of times and had a reality show. She accidentally overdosed on drugs in 2016.


Heather O’Rourke

After appearing in Spielberg’s Poltergeist trilogy, many thought she was destined for a big break in the movie world. All that went away when she died from a cardiac arrest at the age of 12, after a misdiagnosed condition.


Bill Paxton

Paxton was everywhere in his heyday, appearing both in independent flicks and in blockbusters such as the Titanic. His career showed no signs of ending when it got out that he passes away after complications due to surgery.


Mary Tyler Moore

Although the cause of the death wasn’t disclosed, many people were saddened by the passing of this legendary actress. She graced the movie screen for decades with her irresistible charm and a unique sense of humor.

mary tyler

Zsa Zsa Gabor

The former movie star and Miss Hungary was one of the flashiest pop culture personalities in the 20th century. In the last few decades, she lived a low-key life. She lived both a long and an entertaining lifestyle, ending in cardiac arrest at the age of 99.


Andrew Sachs

The legendary British actor went through a lot and crown all the adventures he had with a brilliant acting career that would make anyone envious. After a bad case of vascular dementia, he passed away at the end of 2016.


Robert Vaughn

Although he was a legend even before his Hustle days, it’s most likely that you know him from that iconic show. A true gentleman and a talented artist, he was taken from us after a gruesome battle with leukemia.


Victoria Wood

The legendary comedian wrote a lot of plays, sketches and many other works of art. She was very outspoken during her performances, but she chose to keep her cancer private. She also departed in 2016, at the age of 63.


Frank Finlay

If you were to list the biggest macho men in cinema history, Frank ought to be right near the top. The legendary Casanova had a long life, but was cut short by unsuspected heart complications. 89 brilliant years.


Roger Moore

One of the most legendary James Bond actors tragically passed away from a nasty case of cancer. He embodies the macho antics of James Bond with a sophisticated British feel. He is officially the longest serving Bond to date.


Clifton James

Clifton is widely considered to be one of the best police actors of all time, thanks to his amazing appearances in the James Bond movies. Sadly, diabetes complications have had him taken away.


Cuba Gooding Sr.

The legendary actor and funk musician was a prominent member of the African-American rights movement and he provided us with many great songs and roles. He passed away after 73 years of life, near his California home.


Clay Adler

Everyone who either new Clay or was a fan of him though of him as a fun-loving, lovable guy. That’s why his premature death by suicide in April shocked many and left a big hole in the entertainment world.


Ivan ‘The Russian Bear’ Koloff

Wrestling legends seem to be departing more often now. This is the case with the WWE legend, Ivan Koloff. The once inhumanely strong wrestler fought valiantly against liver cancer, but ultimately gave in.


Adam West

The man that went on to be one of the biggest franchises in history, passed only recently. Adam West, the man who played Batman in the original 1960 series, died 2 days ago in Los Angeles due to leukemia.


Glenne Headley

Known for some good titles, such as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Dick Tracy, Mr. Holland’s Opus and Don Jon, Glenne Headley unfortunately passed away not more than a few days ago. Glenne died of a pulmonary disease that took everyone by surprise.


 Roger Ailes

The head of Fox News himself had quite a promising career even at such an old age. Eventually, however, Roger Ailes was forced out of his position due to a sex scandal. This later led to his death on the 18th of May, 2017.


Chris Cornell

The favorite musician of many a young soul, Chris Cornell, the frontman of both Audioslave and Soundgarden, unfortunately committed suicide in Detroit. He did this right after performing with Soundgarden, and the reason is still unknown.


Brad Grey

A somewhat famous and fairly liked stand-up comedian and actor, Brad Grey, passed away after his longer than 60-year career. He was 90 years old when he gave into illness on April 6.

'Fences' film screening, Arrivals, New York, USA - 19 Dec 2016

Powers Boothe

Although not many have heard of this small-time Hollywood bad guy (Sin City, The Avengers, Tombstone, Frailty), those that did will definitely miss the unusually gravelly voice of Powers Boothe. Unlike he used to on screen, he died peacefully in his sleep.


Christopher Boykin

Also known as “Big Black”, this MTV superstar left numerous people utterly shocked with his passing. The member of the “Rob & Big” duo inevitably succumbed to his weak cardiovascular system, and in spite of being hospitalized prior, died to a heart attack.


Charlie Murphy

Eddie Murphy’s older brother, Charlie, always followed in the footsteps of fame. That is, until he was one day diagnosed with leukemia. Although treatment made him write, act an do stand-up less, he did the best he could until it finally took him away in 2017.


Paul O’Neill

The well-known Trans-Siberia Orchestra family regrets to have lost one of their greatest members – their lifelong producer. Paul O’Neill passed at the age of 61 due to a chronic illness unspecified by his band, as they stated on their official Facebook page.


Erin Moran

The famous actress behind Joanie Cunningham on ‘Happy Dies’, which used to be a huge hit in the 1970s, passed away on April 22 in 2017. She was aged 56 when the authorities found her lifeless body, and the cause of her death is either unknown or unstated to the public.