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27 Celebrities & Their Incredible Net Worth. The Biggest Bank Accounts!


It seems that a common trait of the majority of rich individuals is that they are all well-known and aren’t afraid to flaunt. You probably had no idea that the following 27 celebrities were THIS rich, and the numbers will blow you away.

Chelsea Clinton – $30m

Although her mom and dad are the more famous Clinton’s, young Chelsea has had a series of wise business endeavors and moves, making her very financially capable, even more than her parents.


Angelina Jolie – $160m

One of the prettiest actresses in recent years in also one of the richest. Wise personal decisions, investing in movie productions and not being too extravagant are all the factors that contribute to Jolie’s wealth.


John Travolta – $170m

After lesser roles in the 1980s, Travolta quickly started getting more and more prominent roles. That acclaimed led to bigger paychecks and some exploration of the business world. Not too shabby, John.


Julia Roberts – $170m

It’s true that she was the highest paid actress in show business, but keeping such an astonishing amount of money and making wise financial decisions is truly amazing and deserves all the possible praise.


Christopher Nolan – $180m

Aside from bringing Batman back to the top of show business, Nolan is also a versatile artist. He produces, writes and directs tirelessly, and a work ethic like that sure paid off big time.


Denzel Washington – $200m

Denzel Washington has always been praised for his versatile acting talent. Playing in many different movies and taking on difficult and acclaimed roles earned him a lot of praise and added many zeroes to his bank account.


Sandra Bullock – $200m

A long career such as Sandra’s is very hard to achieve. Hard work, dedication and a love for your craft are necessary to accomplish that. The award can come in the form of a number with eight zeroes, though.


Harrison Ford – $210m

Let’s just be real – is this even a surprise? One of the most legendary actors of the last 50 years had memorable roles and it’s only right that he got a substantial amount of praise and paychecks along the way.


Robert Downey Jr. – $220m

After battling heroin and cocaine addictions in the 1990s, Downey Jr. sobered up and committed himself to acting wholeheartedly. That iconic charisma sure earned him some hefty paychecks along the years.


Mark Wahlberg – $225m

No, we did not mean Matt Damon. Jokes aside, Mark has had modeling stints before fully unleashing his acting prowess upon the world. We are thankful for him and he also must be thankful for those tickets we’ve been buying all these years.


Leonardo DiCaprio – $245m

Many claim he truly is the most versatile and talented actor of all times, and the arguments to support that claim just keep on piling. What’s not up for debate is that his next five generations are set for life.


George Clooney – $250m

George Clooney really is like fine wine – as the years pass, he adapts and becomes even more proficient and brilliant in his craft. We can’t wait for a couple more decades to pass in order to see if he’s, in fact, immortal.


Will Smith – $260m

While he may have been the Fresh Prince, his wealth is more like a Fresh King. Carefully chose roles, guest appearances and business decision allowed him to eclipse the quarter of a billion mark.


Sean Connery – $300m

No James Bond ever will be able to have much a mix of macho-man charm, strength and refined social skills. Such a combination of traits is rare and it looks like it can earn a guy $300 million.


Ivanka Trump – $150m

Being the daughter of one of the most successful businessmen in history certainly helped this number. However, don’t be fooled, as she is a capable entrepreneur and most of her fortune she earned herself.


Bjorn Ulvaeus – $300m

Okay, we knew Abba was a famous hit-making band a couple of decades ago. We were also aware of Bjorn’s business endeavors and subsequent projects, but $300 million? Damn, way to go, Bjorn.


Jackie Chan – $300m

The man who finished what Bruce Lee started and brought action movies to the top of Hollywood has a nice sum in his bank account for all his accomplishments. An icon and also a wise businessman.


Bruce Springsteen – $300m

It seems like Bruce has been popular since the beginning of time itself. That feeling probably has something to with his non-stop touring and infectious charisma on stage. Cash well deserved and a true legend.


Keanu Reeves – $350m

A big humanitarian and a wise fellow, Keanu is also one of the most sought-out actors in recent years, and he has 350 million things to prove that title with. Being humble also led to him keeping all that cash for such a long time.


Jessica Alba – $350m

Acting, producing, cosmetics, businesses – it looks like when you add all that up, you get a multi-talented woman who has amassed a startling fortune and gained universal acclaim.


Robert De Niro – $350m

It’s safe to say that Robert has so many fine and flawless roles, that if he was born a little bit later when actors really started getting hefty paychecks – his wealth would surely be measured in billions right now.


Taylor Swift – $360m

After breaking numerous records and tirelessly touring the globe, Taylor was surely set to receive the fruits of her labor. Smart investments and planetary fame added up to her fat bank account.


Clint Eastwood – $375m

What do you do when you realize you are getting older and can’t do so well in Western movies? Well, just transfer your creative genius into producing and directing and $375 million will arrive at some point.


Johnny Depp – $400m

A guy willing to play any role he deems strange and promising is sure to earn some big dollars. There hasn’t been anyone wiser than Johnny when it comes to choosing roles and he has a nice bank account to prove it.


Jack Nicholson – $400m

Aside from being a regular at Lakers games, Jack was actually a pretty good actor, if you didn’t know. All jokes aside, this man proved that smart financial decisions and hard work are the ultimate formula to success.


Sylvester Stallone – $400m

From being homeless and having to sell his own beloved dog in order to survive, this man has come a long way. One of the most ingenious directors and a truly iconic actor, he’s earned every penny.


Mel Gibson – $425m

Every movie he touched turned into a real hit and he refused to allow changing trends to slow him down. A work ethic unparalleled and an iconic charm brought this man to the place where he is now.