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Kids Of Celebrity Parents All Grown Up!


It’s hard to have a normal childhood if your parents are constantly in the spotlight, not to mention building up your own resume. See what happened to the offspring of these famous Hollywood celebs!

Tom Cruise – Connor

The adopted son of the famous actor refuses to latch onto his dad’s fame, and is instead building a DJ career, which has been going pretty well so far.


Sylvester Stallone – Sistine

Having a famous martial artist and actor for a father only propelled Sistine to seek her own place under the sun, joining IMG Models and paving her own way to success.


Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe – Aya

The couple that once was still very publicly displays love towards her gorgeous daughter Ava. Currently in high school, she is well endowed in acting and wishes to combine acting and education one day.


Jude Law – Iris

Iris, born to actor Jude Law and Sadie Frost, is just 16 years and has recently been offered a six figure contract by Chanel. Iris’ Instagram page and appearance in ‘Teen Vogue’ paved her way into modeling.



Jamie Foxx – Corinne

If the young Miss Golden Globe continues in her pursuit of acting and modeling career, she could very well eclipse the fame of her famous actor/musician father.


Demi Moore and Bruce Willis – Rumer

Is it that hard to differentiate her from her mom? Yup, she is kind of a spitting image of her mom, but takes after her dad too.


Dustin Hoffman – Alexandra

Aside from the time that she had a fling with Jonah Hill and the unavoidable fact that she has the blood of one of Hollywood’s most desirable men in her veins, she is also quite gorgeous, don’t you think?


Uma Thurman & Ethan Hawke – Maya Hawke

Rarely does a child resemble both of their parents equally, and rarely does a child have Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke as parents. Maya has hit the proverbial genetic jackpot.


Eminem – Hailie

The subject of many of Eminem’s songs throughout his rap career, he protected her from the public eye, and there she is now – homecoming queen and at the top of her class.


Yolanda Foster – Bella and Gigi

If such astonishing beauty runs in the family, one can’t wait to see Yolanda’s grandchildren if you take into consideration how mind–blowingly smashing both Bella and Gigi are.


Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley – Alexa Ray

It’s not every day that you are named after Ray Charles and you also venture into the music business whilst being excellent at it. Oh, did we also mention the good genes she has?


Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora – Ava

If you’re almost identical to your famous and lovely mother, a modeling career and a massive fan base aren’t all that surprising.


Steve Irwin – Bindi

Her dad being loved by all and him not being alive to see her blossom, hasn’t stopped this young lady to pursue acting and wildlife protection, just like her late father.


Clint Eastwood – Francesca

Although she hasn’t put much effort into rising to fame, during interviews and appearances it can be easily seen who she got the irresistible charisma from.


Mick Jagger – Georgia May

Despite the drug problems and lavish lifestyle, Mick has been nothing but a great father to Georgia May, who is striving to build a career in fashion, with already many massive appearances behind her.


Rob Lowe – John

Albeit showing no interest in acting, the young man showed massive amounts of ambition and is working on getting a degree in management, plus having a few appearance on his father’s series “The Grinder”.


Cindy Crawford – Kaia Gerber

People have envied Cindy for many things during her life: her looks, her ambition, her success and her young husband. But, young Kaia, appearing on the cover of Vogue Paris with her mom, has promise to cause even more envy and distress in the industry.


P. Diddy – Justin

Having all the potential to succeed in the entertainment world hasn’t stopped this smashing young man to be the first in his family – to get a college degree!


Dolph Lundgren – Ida

Nope, having a 30-year long acting career filled with injuries isn’t the hardest thing the Swedish actor did in his life. It was in fact to bring up Ida to be a successful and aspiring young lady, with so far a job well done!


Kevin Bacon – Sosie

Even though her father tried to keep her from seeking a life of fame, young Sosie kickstarted her acting career pretty successfully, and is an indication of more good things to come!


Lenny Kravitz – Zoe

How to compete with you father’s millions in record sales and filled up arenas around the globe? Simple! Just work hard and act in movies such as “X-Men: First Class” or “Mad Max: Fury Road”.


Andy Garcia – Dominik Christina

The 33-year old has established herself quite well and manages to escape the shade of her father’s fame, by playing many amazing roles in crime and mafia films.


Arnold Schwarzenegger – Joseph Baena

One of probably the most famous people of all time has maintained a close relationship with his extramarital son, providing him with love and support daily. Good job, Arnie!


Dell Curry – Steph

With Dell being one of the most prolific 3-point shooters of the 90s, you can see where Steph got his scoring knack from.


Sean Penn – Dylan

Hustle is the word that marked Dylan’s career so far, starting with a million part time jobs in the Big Apple, including a relationship with Robert Pattinson, to becoming an important name in the fashion industry. Inspiring, ain’t it?


Kris Jenner – Kendall & Kylie

From cute little followers of her mom and famous older half-sisters, the two young ladies blossomed into social media icons and became very well known globally.


Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love – Frances Bean

It’s not possible for every person to grow up without a father and with a mentally ill mother and subsequently amass a fortune of $170 million, with numerous magazine covers and smart business decisions.


Joe Mantegna – Gia

A trained gymnast and ballerina, the 26-year-old Gia has since switched to the television screen and has found moderate success there.


David Hasselhoff – Hayley

It is no coincidence that that young Hayley has her fair share of her dad’s actorial characteristic, earning her a substantial amount of recognition among her peers.


Gordon Ramsey – Jack Scott

With brutal honesty and gastronomical mastery being the trademarks of his father, young Hack Scott has his wits and social media following as his greatest weapon.


MJ – Marcus Jordan

Young Marcus starred in high school when it comes to basketball but ultimately decided that wasn’t his calling, and shocked the world by opting to study chemistry.


Danny Devito – Lucy Devito

The Italian charm never passes, no matter how subtle it is, or how generations pass. The adorable Lucy has her dad’s sense of humor, captivating talkativeness and of course – height!


Kim Basinger & Alec Baldwin – Ireland

With possibly the best genes a human can have, the 6’2’’ Ireland has her intents of conquering the fashion world, and it really doesn’t stand a chance against her beauty and charisma.


David and Victoria – Brooklyn

I mean, c’mon it’s the Beckham’s we’re talking about – Brooklyn was practically famous before his birth, but the young playboy has started his career in fashion photography, and even more ladies are set to lose their minds as years pass.


Jim Carrey – Jane

The 29-year-old Jane has made quite some headlines throughout but none for the right reasons. An early marriage at the age of 22, then a divorce after 11 months and a stage career that never took off, it never helped her to be born as a star kid.


Billy Ray Cyrus – Miley

The once Disney star and idol of many kids around the world has blossomed into an independent young lady, paving her own path to stardom.


Martin Sheen – Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez

The tremendous trio that conquered the world bares resemblance to each other, with both Charlie and Emilio having the same sarcastic-relentless humor like Martin.


Pamela McGee – JaVale

The former NBA player, champion and head coach passed her genes on to her 7’0’’ behemoth of son who made a name for himself by protecting the paint and providing highlight plays to ignite the crowd.


John Lennon – Sean

The tragic loss of his dad in 1980 hasn’t derailed young Sean to give it his best try to try to match and preserve the mark his father left on music and society.


Harvey Grant – Jerian and Jerami Grant

Not many people have an NBA career behind them. Even less people have a twin brother who was also an NBA player. Amazingly, even less people have THREE sons that play professional basketball at the highest level, with your youngest also aspiring to be in the NBA. Them Grant genes, huh?