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Unbelievable Trump Facts You Should Know


Out of all presidents in US history, Donald Trump is probably the cringiest. Don’t forget the fact that he’s been in office for slightly more than two months, and he already holds this shameful record.

Trump And James Comey

It’s safe to say that Monday coming too soon isn’t the only shocking thing that happened this week. Donald Trump just abruptly fired James Comey – the FBI director – only 4 years into his 10 year contract. According to the Independent, Trump is furious over Comey assuring him that the president isn’t under federal investigation. Furthermore, Trump met with Putin’s senior representative the day after the firing.


(Miss) USA’s Obvious Displeasure

Here we can see Donald going in for another kill, but not as successfully as most times. Tara Conner is most definitely disgusted by his approach, so much so that she’s not even trying to hide it.


Sugar? Daddy

We aren’t yet in the clear when it comes to Donald’s actual relationship with his daughter. He was seen many times interacting inappropriately with her, even when she was just a little girl.


Extremely Awkward Handshakes

Trump is now famous for his cringe-inducing handshakes that make everyone extremely uncomfortable. He yanks and slaps other people’s hands while shaking them, which is hard to invent even if you’re trying to be a cringelord.


Bad Hair..Year? (x4)

Trump also has the worst haircut out of all the presidents that precede him. Everyone else kept it either super short or very classy, while Trump’s funky style is just all over the place. It’s hard to take such a man seriously.


Is Ivanka Melania?

It looks like the president likes to forget who his wife is, and often mixes her up with his daughter. There’s absolutely no possible moment where grabbing your grown-up daughter’s butt is acceptable.


Faithful Husband (Almost)

In case you thought Donald is at least respectful to his wife, here’s an old picture of him hand-feeding a journalist who was popular back then (Barbara Walters), right in front of his wife at the time.


More Trumpcest

You’re probably sick of seeing this, but Trump’s apparently fine with doing it anyway. Here’s another of his incestual moments with Ivanka, where she seems to be grinding on him during a party.


Playboy President

While no other US president has ever had anything to do with the Playboy magazine due to its lewd nature, it seems that Trump has no issues being the face of the nation with this type of history behind him.


50-year-old Teenager

Even at the age of supposed grand maturity, Trump seems to be acting like a mere boy in the presence of his partner. Trump and Melania were caught kissing carelessly at a regular non-private party.


Casual Flirter

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a close chat with a member of the opposite gender. Even while you’re hugging your current wife at the same time, it’s all just completely normal.


Wife? Is That You?

It looks like Trump somehow always fails to recognize the difference between women whose things he CAN touch and those he can’t. Here’s a classic example, and the worst part is that he’s doing it at a cancer awareness congregation.


Birthday Boy Gets What He Wants

Trump got too close than pleasant to Pamela Anderson at his birthday celebration, and we’re sure she felt pretty uncomfortable. Fortunately for him, no one is impolite enough to tell him to back off.


Casual Flirter Pt. 2

It’s hard to determine the worst thing in this shameful picture: Melania’s apparently forced desperate smile or the fact that Trump’s hugging and kissing another model right in front of her.


Unrequited Love

Wow, someone finally decided to just not give a damn about Donald’s lustful displays. Here’s the face of the great president in all its glory, shame, cringiness and patheticness.


My Eyes Are Up Here Though

Sure, every man sometimes lingers with his gaze, but when you’re a famous millionaire running for president, you kind of have an image to maintain. Donald Trump apparently fails to realize that.


Parenting Expert

While it’s great for every president to show off his family virtues, Trump doesn’t quite seem to have that going for him. Children are the most honest individuals, and this girl’s thoughts are apparent.



Trump was caught saying the word “China” with this exact expression numerous times. It’s a little bit awkward to be mentioning this country so much if the US owes it over 10 billion dollars (which it actually does).


7/11, The Terrorist Stuff

During one of his campaign speeches, Trump casually mixed up the horrible event that shook the nation to its foundations with an actual convenience store. What? “It happens to the best of us.”


Absolute Stallion

What’s so weird about this? The wife of every millionaire says similar things about her husband when being interviewed. People with extra kilograms and humongous amounts of cash are often pure beasts under the sheets.


The Forgotten Sportsman

You know him as your president, but to your kid, he’s probably more familiar as that weird suited blonde guy who shaved a guy’s head on live transmission. What other president could this ever be said about?


More than molestation…

Trump actually fired Keshia Knight Pullium for refusing to call Bill Cosby, whom she is involved with in a huge media outburst regarding rape allegations that shook her life to the core.


True Environmentalist

By “economic growth” and “Jobs matter!”, he means we need more factories and other buildings that emanate toxins in order to preserve nature from them. A classic example of Trump’s half-thought-through ramblings.


Ohhh, So That’s What You Do During The National Anthem!

When a grown man (who is the country’s president at that) needs to be reminded to put his hand on his chest while the national anthem of his people is being played, you know something’s terribly wrong.


You Tellin’ Me I Can’t Have My Wife Whenever I Want?

Donald Trump was sued by his ex-wife for forcing her into unconsented coitus. It’s strange how a man with these principles could be favored by so many, and yet still, all that remains now is to hope for the best.


Education at the Highest Level

Trump used to have a university of his own, but now he no longer does. Have you ever wondered why? It turns out he was involved in various scams and acts of racketeering as the owner.


The Face of a Proud Son

No matter where Trump takes his youngest boy, he always looks half sleepy and half depressed. It makes one wonder just what things are like at home for his kid to be feeling this way.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City

I Miss You, Babe

This photo was taken during his presidential campaign, and what’s circled in the lower right corner is the picture of Marla Trump, his first six-year-long wife. Why would that be there so many years later?


It Takes One to Know One

Trump seems to be a witness in the case regarding the alleged rape committed by the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. How could someone representing a nation be correlated to these vulgarities in the first place?


Quick Babe, Kiss Me In Public

We all know you have a girlfriend man, it’s okay. Somehow, Trump always feels the need for inappropriate public displays of affection, no matter whether the girl actually likes him or not.


Love Offender

Trump always does what he pleases, with numerous hints at other things that would please him as well. He seems to have gotten a little too close when he was taking a picture with the ex-Miss Universe.


Creepy Photographer

“Yeah just go sit right over there and let me take a pic of you, need it for my little collection.” Something along these lines is what Trump must have said to the model, who slightly anxiously obeyed his request.


Expanding the Private Safe, Again

Same thing, different model. We’re already aware of Trump’s obsession about the female body, but all these images are here to show he simply took it too far on numerous occasions, putting women in uncomfortable situations.


Kissing With Eyes Open

Seriously, who else kisses with their eyes open? This image is both cringy and slightly disturbing, considering the fact that he was probably trying to get a short glimpse of her cleavage.


Always Listen to Your Parents

Here we can see trump trying to negotiate whatever may prove beneficial to him, but Putin stopped taking him seriously, based on the first conversation that they had. Looks like Trump will never be able to borrow money from this prosperous country.


Oopsie Daisy!

After launching the world’s strongest bomb as well as a huge arsenal of also deadly ones on the territories of foreign countries at war with the US, he said that he was informed slightly too late to stop the launch.


Political Correctness

Even though Trump never shook Merkel’s hand during the interview, which is a public act of human decency, Angela Merkel gave her best in attempts to continue the interview and put aside Donald’s bad behavior.


What’s He Talking About?

During one of his speeches, Angela Merkel took the opportunity of publicly showing what she actually thinks about Donald. A picture speaks more than a thousand words, and this one is even fuller of information.


Grabbin’ By The …

The new president’s most famous quote remained the same as it was before the elections took place. The entire world simply can’t forget the amount of misogyny contained behind these words.


“A True Gentleman”

Donald claims to have nothing against women, and yet he’s been body shaming Rosie O’Donnell (among other insults) for the entirety of his campaign. Why body shame others when your neck looks like that which you’re trying to grab?



This guy actually made his own version of Monopoly, which is exactly the same as the original, but with his picture on the cover. We get that you’re successful at your business, but come on man.