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25 Celebs Who Went From Hot To Fat


There were times when these celebs were in the limelight for being the most desirable in Hollywood. But with time, some of them gained weight due to indulging on alcohol and food. We bring you the list of celebs who got fat along the way.

Jessica Simpson

She rose to fame for her debit single “I Wanna Love You Forever” and it was at the 5th in the Billboard Hot 100 that year. After struggling with her divorce with Nick Lachey, she then on gave birth to two kids with her now husband Eric Johnson. Even though she has put on a lot of baby weight, she couldn’t care less.

Chantelle Houghton

Reality star Chantelle Houghton has been flaunting her mommy tummy for quite some time now. Houghton stated that she actually hasn’t been trying to lose weight at all, claiming it hasn’t bothered her until now.

Pierce Brosnan

He is known for being one of the greatest James Bond ever. His dashingly handsome looks made women want him bad. But as he started to age, he began to indulge himself with unhealthy foods, leading to put on weight. 

Alec Baldwin

He was a handsome hunk in the Hollywood during the 90s. Most notably known for Prelude to kiss, The Juror and Beetlejuice, he got settled with his Spanish yoga instructor wife and had two kids. Along the way, he started to gain few pounds, though that didn’t keep him of the screen.

Kristie Alley

She was a diva in the 80s, known for Look Who’s Talking and Look Who’s Talking Too. But after struggling in her personal life, she started to gain a lot of weight. Though, over the recent years she has started to exercise and diet to lose some of those pounds.


Tyra Banks

One of the top models of U.S, she became the first African American on the cover of Swimsuit Illustrated and GQ. But over the years, she began to put on weight. Currently, she acts as judge in America’s Next Top Model.

Janet Jackson

The pop diva who became famous for her singles That’s the Way Loves Goes and Rhythm Nation, was also known for her svelte six packs. But today, she seems almost unrecognizable. After marrying her millionaire tycoon husband, she seldom appears out of the public eye.

Russell Crowe

He was once a heartthrob, known for his roles in Gladiator and The Beautiful Mind. Well, it seems like time has changed his looks for the years. As he became 50, he started to gain a lot of weight.

Steven Seagal

This Hollywood actor was always seen to stay in his best shape. He is known for his roles in Under Siege and Above the Law. But as he began to struggle with lawsuits and in his personal life, he started to put on a lot of pounds.

Kelly Clarkson

She is America’s Sweetheart, known for being the winner of American Idol of the first season. Unfortunately, she is no longer in her slim shape any more. She went on to marry her talent manager and had a daughter.

John Travolta

He is a megastar of Hollywood, known for his roles in Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction. After he settled on with his wife, Kelly Preston, he began to gain weight over the years. Even though he might not be the heartthrob anymore, he spends a lot of time onscreen.

Mariah Carey

She is the most desirable pop singer known for her top hits Always Be My Baby and All I Want for Christmas is You. But after calling in splits with her husband Nick Cannon, she went into depression. She resorted to foods in order to deal with her depression leading her to gain a lot of weight.

Jon Favreau

He is a great and director of Hollywood, known for directing Iron Man and Elf. But as he started aging, he also began to gain a lot of weight. Well, that didn’t slow his career down anyhow.

Axl Rose

He is the front man of Guns N’ Roses, who swooned the women off their feet. Known for his slim figure and boyish looks, he gained a lot of popularity. But indulging himself with party lifestyle, he gained a lot of weight over the years.


Known for her hit singles, So What and Just Like a Pill, she is one of the top singers of America. But after marrying her husband and having kids, she gained a few pounds. Her husband reportedly stated, Pink continuous to looks beautiful.
Vince Vaughn

He is mostly known for his comedy roles in Wedding Crashers and the Break Up. He changed a lot physically for the years. He gained a few pounds and though he is not much bothered about it.

Raven Symone

She was one of the Disney kids, known for That’s so Raven and Cheetah girls. But after Disney, she had to struggle for some time leading her to gain a lot of weight. Recently, she discussed about her sexual orientation.

Mathew Perry

Best known for his role as Chandler in FRIENDS, he was wanted by every girl. But after his struggles with drug addiction, he started to gain a lot of weight losing some of this appeal. Yet, he still continuous to thrive in Hollywood. 

Hillary Duff

Here is another Disney kid who known for her role in Lizzie McGuire. Over the years, she has physically changed. After becoming a mother, she gained some extra baggage.

Laurence Fishburne

He is best for his role in the Matrix Trilogy. The 53 year old actor began to gain weight as his career began to slow down. Currently, he is working in ABC’s Blackish.

Brendan Fraser

He is best known for the Mummy Trilogy and George of the Jungle. Soon, he hit his low point in the career at the end of 2010. Once known for his six pack, he gained a lot of weight.

Anna Gunn

She is best known for her role as Skylar White in Breaking Bad. She has been struggling with depression for a long time. Over the years, she gained weight after becoming a mother to two kids.

Val Kilmer

He was a Hollywood hunk, most notably known for Heat and Batman Forever. But people started to notice that he has been experiencing a lot of weight fluctuations. He reportedly has throat tumor, as he was hospitalized in January 2015 for heaving bleeding in his throat.

Britney Spears

Best known for her debut album, …Baby One More Time which has become a pop hot all around the world.. She had a perfect toned body with tight abs during the start of her career. But after having two kids and dealing with mental health issues, she gained a lot of weight.

Mickey Rourke

He was one of the heartthrobs of Hollywood in the 1980s. Known for his roles in 9 ½ weeks and Point Blank, he looks almost unrecognizable today. Going through plastic surgeries, his career deteriorated leading to gain a lot of weight.

Christina Aguilera

Here is another pop singer who has to deal with weight fluctuations of the years. Best known for her hot songs Genie in a Bottle, Lady Marmalade and What a Girl Wants. She went from being too skinny to gaining a lot of pounds due to having a baby and losing her father right after.