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24 Stunning Celebrity Girlfriends


Whether you’re an actor, a singer, or a professional athlete, every guy wants to be you. The one thing that makes us green with envy more than the money or the fame, it’s the chick on their side. Here are 24 of the hottest celebrity girlfriends.

Alyssa Miller

This smoldering fashion model graced the covers of numerous magazines as well as fashion runways. She’s modeling by just walking down the street. When she cat-walked into Jake Gyllenhaal‘s arms, he might have been as shocked as the rest of us. No shade Jake, just congrats on that!


Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has had some public domestic issues recently. Whatever happened, he apparently couldn’t bring himself to disrupt the looks of this beautiful creature. His ex-girlfriend Amber Heard escaped without a scratch. We are all thankful for that.

Amber Rose

We know two things about Amber Rose for sure. If you see her on the street, you just might walk into a tree because she is that amazing. The other thing is, Wiz Khalifa just wasn’t man enough for her. Are you?


You’ll think twice about laughing at Canada when you find out that Canadian-born rapper Drake is dating R&B superstar Rhianna. Just think, not only does he get to rub up on that booty, HE’S GETTING PAID FOR IT!

Blac Chyna

Ok, so both of her names are spelled completely wrong. But Blac Chyna’s body is completely right. When your sisters are beautiful celebrities, Rob Kardashian had to make a power move and hook up with Blac Chyna.

Blake Lively

Ryan Renolds must have shown her the family jewels on the set of “Green Lantern”. And we don’t mean the green power ring. But he did give her another ring, because she is just that fine.

Michelle Game

You would expect a fitness model with a perfect body like this to end up with an NBA player. No one expected Michelle Game to end up with Charlie Villanueva from the Dalla Mavericks. Guess he got game after all.

Charlotte Riley

This lovely Brittish actress is accomplished in her own right. But it pales in comparison to Tom Hardy‘s accomplishment of taking Charlotte Riley off the market. The rich get richer.



This multitalented celebrity can sing, dance, and act. No wonder triple-threat Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks snatched her up. One trophy wasn’t enough for him. He had to get another one.

Elsa Pataky

Only the power of the Gods can capture a woman of this beauty. That’s why the God of thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, was able to land this Goddess. Asgard must be where the party is.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes always brightens up any film she’s in, just by being on camera. Ryan Gosling was blinded by her beautiful light in 2011 and hasn’t opened his eyes since.


Hannah Stocking

NBA sharpshooter Klay Thompson had t o win a championship with the Warriors last year. He had to make up for the blunder of stepping out on the ravishing beauty. Then she stepped out on him permanently. Hope that ring keeps you warm at night Klay.

Toni Garrn

When you strive for perfection like Leonardo DiCaprio does, you know it when you see it. Here is perfection casually dressed on  a summer day. You can’t argue with him. The man is an Oscar winner after all.

Erin Johnson

Some reoccurring traits you find in artists are that they tend to be quirky and strange. James Franco definitely fits that bill, especially after throwing back this magnetic model.

Jenna Dewan

Of all the millions of women lusting over Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan has him wrapped around her little finger. Don’t you just hate him a little bit more now?

Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown just loves messing up relationships with beautiful women. Try as he might though, Karrueche Tran not only came back to him, but they are now engaged. Maybe good guys do finish last.

Lily Aldridge

There is a good chance you have never heard of the rock band Kings Of Leon. There is also a good chance lead singer Caleb Followill doesn’t care. Why? Because he is going out with this incredible Victoria Secret model, Lily Aldridge. That’s why.

Mariqueen Maandig

Don’t hurt yourself by trying to pronounce her name. Just stare longingly, and congratulate Nine Inch Nails front-man Trent Reznor on his incredible catch.

Nina Dobrev

He may not have the star power of his big brother. But when Liam Hemsworth conquered this ravishing beauty, he proved Chris wasn’t the only one in the family with powers far beyond those of mortal men.

Kia Proctor

Losing the Super Bowl must have been a bitter pill to swallow for Carolina Panthers All-Pro QB, Cam Newton. But looking at this ravishing dynamo standing next to him, it’s a safe bet his signature grin popped right back on his face when he got home.

Shantel Jackson

Maybe she is a celebrity stalker, maybe not. Nelly didn’t care when he dated this unbelievable temptress. And neither would you.

 Suki Waterhouse

When the stars align for you, you just sit back and enjoy the ride. That’s what Bradley Cooper. When Hollywood knocked on his door, it didn’t come empty handed. It brought him this fine British model, wrapped in animal fur, to go along with the movies and the money. Damn!

Olivia Munn

The quarterback always gets the girl. And when you’re the best QB in the NFL, you certainly get one of the best looking women in Hollywood. Aaron Rogers wins every time when he’s with her.