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16 Nostalgic Things You’ll Be Happy Don’t Exist Anymore


Dust your old photos and have a look at them, you get to see lots of interesting things around that doesn’t exist anymore. You will feel nostalgic about them but think “How will it be if you still have them around?”  If you ask this generation kids to tap on the same button on your phone multiple times to get a letter or sit for hours next to radio to record your favorite tune then they will end up breaking those things. Things have changed a lot and have become more easy to use than before. In this fast moving world, it is true that everyone wants a job to be done on one click and be happy that these things don’t exist anymore except in memories.

Messy Cassettes

Just think, you are enjoying your favorite tune and your cassette gets stuck inside with a screeching sound. Oh God! Take the cassette out and load it again expecting to enjoy the tune again but only end up all of your cassette tapes falling out. What a mess it was? You try your level best to insert the tape with utmost care but it is of no use at all and to make matters worse it was your only copy. Be happy that these things don’t exist anymore except in memories.

Remove the dust with a blow

Your Cassette or cartridges get stuck, the immediate solution that anyone would do is to blow air to remove the dust and make it work. Wow, what a great fix! Do you really need to do that now? Would you want to?

Recording in Tape

You got to record your favorite serial or song but will it be so easy?  You need to start recording using your tape with no guarantee that it will get fully recorded for sure.

Car Audio Cassette player

Car audio cassette player was considered as one of the latest and revolutionary technology. It was really a big deal those days, but now only very few cars or almost no car have this facility. It has been overtaken by USB port or connecting hard drives.

CD Troubles

Next was our enhanced version CD as a replacement for Cassettes. CD was definitely helpful but if you use it now I am sure none of them would listen to music. Now, all troublesome days have gone when picking a favorite track from a bunch of CDs took a very long time. Also, you need special CD covers and utmost care for to handle CDs to avoid scratches.


CD store

You need to travel miles to get to a CD store to pick the movies that you want to watch for the weekend. If you miss once then you might end up spending boring weekends with no movies to watch. Do you still want to drive to pick up movies? No way!


Cell phone tapping pains

Tap on a button several times to get a letter or option is the really boring thing that one can ever imagine off. A smartphone has made our digital world really easy and we use them more or less like a computer. You can access email or Whatsapp, everything so fast that too in a swipe. You can use a phone to send messages, call, check email, listen to music, and check maps to find location, almost for everything. Now think “Will you do multiple clicks on hard buttons of your cell phone for a call?” No way. You will feel nostalgic about them but think “How will it be if you still have them around?”

No space for new messages

This was a popular message that you get often in your normal phone if you get one extra message. If you want to take a backup of messages, it will never happen or if you want to delete the unwanted messages then you need to go through a very big list of messages and then carefully select them and press multiple options to delete those.

Start and Shutdown the computer

Computers needed a button press to start or shutdown which has faced a massive change of now getting touch screens. If your on/off button is malfunctioning then you end up facing loads of trouble.

Hassles in connecting to the Internet

Think of the times when you get a phone call and there is a high probability that you might end up getting disconnected from the Internet. Or if you want to connect to The Internet, you will ask to disconnect the call if anyone is speaking over the phone. Thanks to the modern Internet world, as it was really a nightmare to browse through the Internet with dial-up modems.

Cards game in Computer

Do you remember the names Solitaire, FreeCell, etc? These were the only popular games available and we used to spend hours in playing these boring games. Now games have seen vast changes starting from simple games to 3D games which give the feeling of reality.


Facebook and WhatsApp are the most commonly used for chatting nowadays. But what about the initial days when Yahoo or MSN was the only option available. Do you still remember chat rooms where you get to make new friends too?

TV mania

Weekends are the only days you will get good programs on your TV and that too will go for a toss if you see those heavily dotted screens. TV was the only source of entertainment and your cable wire gets disconnected on weekends was really annoying to the core.

Logitech trackball

Those advanced apple mouse and trackpads were our latest technologies but what about one of the earliest invention? The very popular Logitech trackball mouse!


Payphones were so famous before the cellphones were and introduced. You got to drop a coin to make a call and keep dropping the coins if you want to extend the calls. This sounds so funny for today’s kids who have got their own phone and no way to stand in a long queue to make a single call.


Backlights on phones

Just think of times when we were using a flashlight to see our messages on our mobile phones. No backlights available for the phones but it still sounded interesting in those ages.

Chat rooms with MSN and yahoo

Think of those initial times of chatting on yahoo and MSN, before the advent of Facebook. Can you imagine going back to those days?