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Classical Actresses Like You’ve Never Seen Them


Even though you’ve probably seen all these famous actresses on-screen, there are some behind the scenes shots you probably missed… since they weren’t revealed until now! Have a look at these recently revealed photos and how the actresses look like today!

Jessica Lange

The blond that set the big screen and the box offices ablaze during her heyday has much to brag about. Whether it be her two Oscars or her unique sense of classiness or her youthful look – she has it all.


Brooke Shields

This gorgeous actress, former child star and model, took the world by a storm when she debuted in the world-renowned film “Blue Lagoon”. Surprisingly, after embarking upon her career at the early age of 12 and graduating from high school, Shields went on to acquire a degree at Princeton University. Since the boom of her acting career, Shields went on to become a vegan and promote animal rights, as well as speaking openly about her struggle with postpartum depression.


Kathleen Turner

Although Kathleen Turner is best known for being one of the most gorgeous female stars of the 80s, her most distinct feature – one everyone has come to admire – is her raspy voice. Turner kickstarted her career in the 80s with her performance in the film “Body Heat” (1981). Aside from her thirty performances in films and eight on TV, Turner also starred in Broadway shoes. Most recently, Turner has struggled with alcohol addiction, making it hard to work on set.


Kelly LeBrock

LeBrock was known to be the most gorgeous star of the 80s, but even today, she still looks flawless! In the 80s, “Weird Science” and “Hard to Kill” gave LeBrock a big push into the acting world. Since then, the actress has starred in several huge campaigns for brands such as Pantene and Christian Dior, her memorable slogan being “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”. Since the passing of her brother, she stepped away from acting and has been doing more charitable work with the terminally ill.


Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate made her debut in the hit series of the 80s-90s, “Married… With Children”. Since then, she made a name for herself by starring in films such as “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and “Sweet Charity”. In 2008, Applegate received a scary diagnosis – breast cancer – but after several surgeries managed to make a full recovery. After her first divorce, the actress married Martyn LeNoble and has one child.


Renée O’Connor

Rennée O’Connor’s career started off quite modestly – she, like many others who have wanted to become famous, was starring in different commercials and a variety of “extras” roles. The actresses breakthrough came when she starred in the television series “Xena: Warrior Princess”, playing the character of Gabrielle. Since then, O’Connor has had many roles across all of Hollywood’s verticals, including a role on “Criminal Minds” and films “Monster Ark” and “Last Chance”.


Bonnie Tyler

Believe it or not, Kathleen Turner wasn’t the only one known for her raspy voice! Bonnie Tyler – the kind of beautiful woman who proves that age is merely a number – is a Welsh singer from the 80s. One of her biggest hits will probably be familiar to you (and most of us, 80s babies!), “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, as well as “It’s A Heartache”. Tyler was awarded 3 Grammy awards, but her and her husband have also made a fortune in real estate investments.


Neve Campbell

If you’re into horror films, Neve Campbell will be a particularly special mention in this article. Her most memorable roles include Sidney Prescott in the popular horror series “Scream”, and she is also known for playing Julia Salinger in “Party of Five”. Yep, it’s her! Most recently, Campbell took part in the hit Netflix series “House of Cards”. She is married to JJ Field for 5 years now, with who she has a son.


Felicity Kendal

If you watching TV in the 70s, you definitely remember English actress Felicity Kendal – the gorgeous blonde who played Barbara Good in “The Good Life”. Kendal’s impressive career went on for 45 years, and considering her family background full of acting talents, it’s not a big surprise! Most recently, Kendal worked with the Royal Voluntary Service – a charity that helps older people.


Delta Burke

Delta Burke made a very strong entrance into her acting career – her debut role on “Designing Women” earned her two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in the Comedy Series category! Burke may look different now, but her career was thriving way into the 80s. Most recently, she was involved with Broadway show “Steal Magnolias” in 2005.


Tiffany Renee Darwish

Tiffany Renee Darwish embarked upon her career when she came out with the hit song of the 80s, “I Think We’re Alone Now”. Remember that banger?! Unfortunately, Darwish went down in history as a somewhat one hit wonder – her second album did quite well, but not as well as her first. Since then, Darwish took part in a nude photoshoot with “Playboy” and appeared in some reality shows, one of which is “Celebrity Fit Club”.


Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear paved way into acting quite strongly, not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Locklear’s career started off with her role as Amanda Woodward on “Melrose Place”, for which she was awarded four Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress. Aside from that, Locklear starred in “Spin City”, and took part in a few popular romantic comedies. Locklear has been married twice (both ended with divorce), and in 2008, news outlets reported that Locklear struggled with depression.


Tawny Kitaen

Julie E. Kitaen, better known as Tawny Kitaen, is an American actress best known for her performances in Whitesnake’s music videos back in the 80s. Her career expanded further with reality television, namely “The Surreal Life” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”. Aside from her career, Kitaen had some run-ins with the law, including a charge with domestic violence in 2002.


Rebecca De Mornay

Mornay started off her career by playing Lana in “Risky Business”, followed by other notable performances in films such as “Runaway Train” and “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle”. Most recently, specifically in 2015, Mornay played the party of the abusive mom in “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”. The actress dated Patrick O’Neal, with whom she has 2 daughters.


Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson, still well known in today’s television world, is an Australian model, TV host, anc actress. Macpherson kick-started her career by appearing on the cover of “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” fie times! This resulted in her being a massive success with lingerie companies and their campaigns. You may also remember her from minor roles in “Friends” and “Saturday Night Live”; the roles may have been small, but she always makes an impression.


Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates is to this day considered to be one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood throughout the 80s, having a very “girl next door” feel to her. After her nude performance in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, Cates decided not to do revealing scenes anymore, eventually quitting the business altogether and focusing on being a mom from 1994. Since then, Cates only starred in one film in 2001 and recently opened a boutique called “Blue Tree”.


Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah made quite a name for herself throughout the 80s, playing roles in films like “Blade Runner”, “Wall Street”, and “Steel Magnolias”, as well as “Kill Bill” in 2003. Since then, her main focus has mostly been on environmental matters and being an active protector of the world that surrounds us. Hannah was also in the spotlight for dating John F. Kennedy Jr.!


Brigitte Bardot

A model and an actress back in the day, Brigitte seems to have accepted the decades that came with style and ease. The lips and the look is what made her the object of desire for men around the globe. Icon in every sense.


Sophia Loren

Called by many the most beautiful woman in human history, the Italian bombshell was known for her exotic facial features and incredible talent. She has amassed many awards to her name.


Sally Field

During her humble beginnings, nobody could predict that she would reach superstardom, but it truly is amazing what this woman has accomplished. A star of many 1960s TV shows, Sally was popularly known as surfer girl for her role in Gidget.


Cybill Shepard

This woman hailing from Memphis was incredibly versatile – a model, an actress, and a talented singer. The unity of these three arts made her a pop culture. She won 3 Golden Globe Awards for her classy performances.


Martha Stewart

Martha was handling big contracts with fashion companies as a renowned model even before she was 18. Now a TV personality, writer and business mogul, Martha has amassed a fortune in the total of $600 million.


Maggie Smith

The once smoking hot actress had humble beginnings but has steadily climbed her way to the top. Now the star of Downtown Abbey and having an iconic role in the Harry Potter franchise, she keeps herself busy with quality work.


Ursula Andress

The first Bond girl sent the world into a craze because of her astonishingly symmetrical facial features and smoking hot body. She quickly attained superstardom and didn’t stop from there.


Raquel Welch

Once more than just your local neighborhood bombshell, Raquel was a multi-talented artist, with a career spanning from hit movies that topped the charts year after year. She was the true international sex symbol during the 60s.


Diane Keaton

Diane studied acting thoroughly before setting off to conquer the acting world, in every way possible. A truly one of a kind combination of beauty and talent in her heyday. She received an Oscar nomination in 1981, for the movie Reds.


Catherine Bach

Once a smoking hot star in the TV Show “The Dukes of Hazzard”, she was so valuable to the show’s success that they insured her legs for a million dollars. She ruled the TV and delivered hit movies from early 70s to mid 80s.


Katey Sagal

The iconic Peggy from Married… with Children set the tone for almost every possible sitcom today and etched herself into comedy history. She remains one of the most renowned faces on TV even today.


Dawn French

The famous comedian that once had the image of a rebellious, short-haired girl with no hesitation when it comes to jokes and comedy is a seven-time nominee for the BATA (British Academy TV Awards).


Erin Moran

You might recall her times on Happy days and the wide smile she possessed during every scene but the iconic Joanie doesn’t work in the business anymore. Currently, she is 57 and has no intention to return to her former profession


Molly Ringwald

The stunning redhead was once one of the most sought out and underrated actresses around, mostly because of her success in The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.


Diana Rigg

Being absolutely stunning in her heyday, Diana made her name in all sorts of movies and shows, being famous for being smoking hot and possession a work ethic like no one else. She now features in popular show Game of Thrones.


Sissy Spacek

Once a beauty – always a beauty. Sissy was mostly known for her lead in “Carrie” which propelled her to fame in a major way. Currently she is working in Bloodline, a Netflix series.


Jane Fonda

The lovely Jane starred in the comic-based movie Barbarella and that exposure was a major hit and one of the main reasons she is a household name in Hollywood. She is the daughter of legendary actor Henry Fonda. 


Lynda Carter

The first Wonder Woman and a very successful one at that. That starring role was a major one at the time because playing a female lead role and an important superhero at that time was no small deal.


Mia Farrow

The ex-wife of Woody Allen and Frank Sinatra is much more than a celebrity spouse, she had dozens of iconic roles over the years, becoming a household name and a true example to young women.


Lucy Lawless

Umm, you don’t get to be Xena – the Warrior Princess for nothing – you have to be exceptionally beautiful. Lucy sure fits the description as she became the dream of many men around the globe.


Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder is one of the most in noticeable faces the celebrity sphere. She has that gorgeous smile and it is not a strange thing that she continues to be one of the more recognizable personalities out there.

Audrey Hepburn

Called by many the first and most astonishing sex symbol in Hollywood history, Audrey definitely set the tone for every female actress in the last 50 years. She worked in some of the best movies during Hollywood’s Golden Age.


Barbara Bach

Another truly exceptional Bond girl, and when you look at her you can clearly see how she got the job. Talent and looks are a magical mix indeed. The beloved wife of Ringo Starr spends her days being an activist.


Ally Sheedy

After her Bad Boys debut alongside Sean Penn, Ally has made quite a name for herself, appearing in other movies which have since gone on to become cult classics. She still remains popular both on TV and in movies. 


Tiffani Thiessen

Upon making her well-remembered appearance in the movie titled “Saved by the Bell”, she quickly became the example of beauty for every teenage girl and the dream girlfriend of every male. Hollywood quickly recognized how uniquely shaped she was, which earned her a number of roles in the later years. She now has her own cooking show, called “Dinner at Tiffani’s”.

Elizabeth Shue

After co-starring with Ralph Macchio in the unforgettable “Karate Kid”, Elizabeth Shue didn’t take long to become one of the most popular Hollywood stars back in the day. Her first role was assigned to her in 1987, in the movie “Adventures of Babysitting”. She later starred in “Back to the Future”, and nearly won an Oscar for her incredible performance in 1995’s “Leaving Las Vegas”.


Erika Eleniak

Upon being featured as Shauni McClain in the breath-taking series “Baywatch”, she immediately rose to some of the top names in Hollywood. Her gorgeous bodily features made every man’s heart flutter, and the producers saw great potential in her performance. Although she’s had a number of later roles, her greatest impact comes from “Baywatch”. She is now even performing as Marilyn Monroe, in an upcoming movie about her life.


Keri Russell

Through her membership in the Mickey Mouse Club, like many of her colleagues, Keri slowly began her ascension towards the big screen. She first starred in 1992’s “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”, which gave her the pedestal she needed in order to leave the club behind her in 1993. She later got a lead role in the TV show called “Felicity”, which is her most prominent achievement.


Tina Majorino

Tina started out as one of the child stars in the 1994 classic film “Andre”. She ended her 90s fame in the role of Alice, in the movie “Alice in Wonderland”. She went rogue starting with 1999 up until 2003, but then she began working on the character called Deb in the hilarious coming-of-age comedy “Napoleon Dynamite”. Her incredibly awkward performance in the film went just as intended, and earned her a number of later roles.


Michelle Williams

Starting with the film called “Lassie” in 1994, Williams began a successful acting career. She went on to star in “A Thousand Acres”, “Dick” and “But I’m A Cheerleader”, to name a few. She ended her 90s performance with a load of great performances, and later earned a role in the Golden Globe-winning film titled “Manchester by the Sea”.

DAWSON'S CREEK Pictured: Michelle Williams as Jennifer Lindley Photo Credit: © The WB/Andrew Eccles

Jessie James

Jessie started her 90s career incredibly young, as she was born as late as 1988. Since her father was a well-respected officer in the US Air Force, she spent most of her early years traveling all around the globe. Her first singing talent contest earned her the winning position when she was only 9 years old. She later became a successful singer and released her first album in 2009.


Monica Lewinsky

Monica was quite unheard of as an actress until late 1998 when allegations of her inappropriate behavior with Bill Clinton sparked into the spotlight. Up until this day, Monica Lewinsky remains one of the most popular White House interns, and she’s now a proud leader of multiple anti-bullying movements.


Jamie Lynn Spears

Known as only the little sister of Britney Spears, Jamie began rising to glory on her own in the early 2000s. She was first featured as an actress in the 2002 movie called “Crossroads”, after which she was assigned a regular appearance in the comedy sketch show titled “All That”. Her biggest achievement yet, however, is undoubtedly the lead role in “Zoey 101”.