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20 Nostalgic Olympics Photos That’ll Tug At Your Heart


The 2016 Summer Olympics are almost upon us. It’s that time when men, women, and children, unify under their homeland colors. Emotions fly up and down like the legs of a 100-meter hurdler. You may want to grab a box of tissues. Here are 20 nostalgics Olympic picture that will tug at your heart.


Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

When you have put your whole life into something, from the outside it might be difficult to discern when things have worked out for you. This is the face of happiness being displayed after winning the gold in Olympic rowing. Bet you forgot rowing was an Olympic sport, didn’t you?

No “I” In Team

It has to bring a tear to your eye when you know that you not only busted your butt in the Olympics to achieve a rare victory, but you helped your teammates get there too.

Shock And Awe

The human body is capable of amazing things. Seeing those things accomplished under such high stakes can leave you frozen with admiration. The 2016 Summer Olympics will be filled with these kinds of looks. 

On So Many Levels

The thing about competing for your entire country is that everyone shares the pain. You can almost feel the physical pain of the athlete when you see the emotional pain on their face. It just hurts man.

And The Winner Is . . . 

The very nature of competition means that if someone wins, then someone else has to lose. Sometimes they look the same. Then there are times when there is no doubt who came up with the short end of the stick.

Being A Kid Again

It’s amazing how a game you played as a kid can become a game you play for your country. In the 2016 Summer Olympics, games like basketball will be played for national pride, for history, and also for some profitable endorsement deals.

One Mistake

These world games have a lot riding on them. One misstep, one inch too short, one finger out of place can change the lives and fortunes of so many people. It can feel like you got run over by a bus if misfortune strikes you.


Athletes work their whole life to get to the Olympics. The 2016 Summer Olympics will be no different. These men and women are finely tuned machines with a singular focus. To win.

Left Behind

Whether you’re competing in the Winter or Summer Olympics, you are battling with your friends just to get a chance to your enemies. In the Olympic trials, they select the athletes that give their country the best chance at the gold. Everyone else gets to stay home.


Let It All Out

Even something as fun as beach volleyball, under the setting of Olympic competition, can become volatile. Fun in the sun transforms into a war across a net. In the Summer Olympics, battle cries will be heard from all over the place.

Slip Sliding Away

The only thing worse than letting your family, friends, and country down, is letting them down while you crash onto rock hard ice. If you’re going to dash your hopes and dreams, you’re better off doing it during the warmth of the Summer Olympics.


This usually comes out of your mouth when you stub your toe on the foot of your bed. But it’s more appropriate when you pop your elbow out of the socket competing for gold at the Summer Olympics.

Told You So

As if the odds of making the Summer Olympic team wasn’t great enough, but then the odds of winning are triple that. Just imagine if you make your countries Summer Olympics tennis team, and you have to play one of the top players in the world. And you win. It looks something like this.

Open The Flood Gates

The emotional rollercoaster of the Olympic games can be as strenuous as the physical competitions themselves. Many times after not cracking under the physical pressure, athletes just break under the emotional pressure. Understandable.


Who Knew?

We know what you’re thinking. Lacrosse? Not only is it a sport featured in the 2016 Summer Olympics, but apparently it can be a physical and bruising sport. Supposedly Canadians are offended by the lack of ice and the abundance of teeth.

Symbolic Gesture

One of the first things you are taught in sports is good sportsmanship. You try to be a good sport when you are a kid or act like “a professional” when you hit the pros. But sometimes you just gotta let your feelings show, no matter how it might look.

A Drop In The Bucket

With the rising heat around the world, the only noticeable moisture present at the Rio Olympics might be that of tears. When it comes to Olympic competition, tears can flow from victory as well as defeat. It’s moving either way.

Down For The Count

Unlike regular football season or basketball season, when you lose your competition in the Olympics, it’s time to go. It’s an all or nothing fight. In a matter of minutes, you could walk away with nothing after sacrificing it all to get there.


Very few of us get to realize our dreams. Even fewer of us get to share them with our loved ones. Then there are the rarest of us all that get to do all that in front of the world. That’s what the Summer Olympics are all about.