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15 Dogs That Are Too Big To Be True!


There are those who live by the motto “the bigger the better” and this applies to their dogs as well. When you are determining the type of dog you want, knowing what their original purpose was for will help you understand how much exercise and space the dog will need. Large dogs were bred to be workers and they will require a great deal of interaction and activity to work off their energy. Here are fifteen dogs that are too big to be true:

Vince is viligant

Vince stands at attention letting his curiosity run wild. He loves watching the people in the room and seeing what everyone is doing.


This dog knows how to get down and party. He enjoys hanging out with his owners and burning up the night.

Zeus the Great Dane

He is definitely King of the roost in his home. Some of the rooms in the house have to be empty of furniture because Zeus would accidently drag it about as he walked to his water bowl.

Big Bruno

This lovable Mastiff just loves to sit out by the pool and watch the people. He is secretly hoping his person will hop up out of that chair so he can really relax.

Divana the Divine Caucasian Ovcharka

This lovable ball of fur just wants to snuggle and be loved.


Frizzy loves to stand upright to greet his owner Mark. He gets so excited and just wants to shower him with love.

George the Giant

George loves his owner Mindy. He enjoys spending quiet nights on the couch watching T.V. and relaxing.


Tillie the Caucasian Ovcharka loves running and outdoor time with her owner. She enjoys and good workout, but when she’s ready to relax, that’s it.

Gerald just wants to be comfortable

Gerald doesn’t mind sharing a chair with his owner. He really thinks he’s just a small lap dog.

Perkins Is So Polite

Perkins is so well mannered that when he goes to the vet he sits in a chair instead of sprawling out on the floor. If they had the latest copy of Dog Show Magazine he would be a happy camper.

Plet Is A Dancer

Dancing is one of Plets favorite past times with his owner. He enjoys the gentle swaying back and forth to cool tunes. This Leonberger is a very loyal and loving pet.

Rufus the stepping stool

Rufus understands that little people need help reaching the table. He is all too happy to lend a head to help them get to their crafts.


Sampson loves to soothe his owner and to let her know he’s there whenever she needs him.

Snow Breeze

Snow Breeze loves to stretch out on the floor with her owner.

Steven the Furball

Steven doesn’t like going to the vet. He’s just a big old softy at heart.