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Low On A Budget, Yet Need A Vacation Desperately? Check Out The Most Affordable International Destinations!


Nothing, we repeat NOTHING can be substituted for a vacation! Our tiring and busy schedules make us wait for that one time when we can just pack our bags, and leave for some place, where no external factor would bother us. Some people are born travelers, and when the bug bites them, they can even go explore their own cities to fill the need of unraveling new experiences. Travelling alone or a vacation with close ones is a need more than a want, and can give us immense psychological satisfaction. It’s more like a therapy, in fact!

But vacations can also get expensive owing to the innumerable expenses, starting from tickets to the stay, touring around the city, to the exotic local cuisines, etc. Sometimes, you may have a tight budget, yet your body would desperately want a vacation. Are your children literally begging for a holiday? Is your spouse threatening to leave you if you don’t take her out on a holiday? Well, worry no more; there are a number of international destinations that are pocket-friendly, yet beautiful.

Check out our list of the 7 most affordable holiday destinations across the world.


The ‘Kingdom of Cambodia’ is known for its primitive beauty and is also high in its rich culture, traditions and captivating history. With stay offered at £1, and sumptuous food for even lesser, this country in South-east Asia is a must visit for travelers looking for a low-budgeted holiday landing-place. Cambodia houses the world famous Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, which is the largest religious temple in the world, and you have to pay just £13 a day, to witness this UNESCO world heritage site. Also pay a visit to the country’s busy capital Phnom Penh, where you can go cruising in Mekong river, or eat the lip-smacking Kampot pepper crab which has sort of become the national dish of Cambodia! Don’t forget the beaches in Sihanoukville too, which is also one of the most famous tourist spots of Cambodia.


This island country set in the Caribbean Sea is another popular holiday destination with hotels offering rooms at less than $200 per night. With the new international airport being established here, it has become more convenient for the vacationists to visit the exotic island. Also, 3000 hotels siding here, offers deals, that you can grab to enjoy more benefits at lesser rates. Winter is the best time to visit Jamaica to soak in some sunshine, and it’s best to avoid the Hurricane season (July and August). Instead of resorts, reside in the fishing villages along the south-west coast of Jamaica, where a double bed would cost you only about $105 per night. Also try the Jamaican cuisine- the Jamaican jerk spice which is sure to make you lick your fingers off!


You shouldn’t leave Europe before visiting this Sovereign State, and definitely shouldn’t miss visiting Budapest, the State’s capital city. It couldn’t get more cheaper with rooms at £10 a day, meals at £2 and train tickets for £1. Do visit the conventional kávéház (coffee house) for an appetizing cup of coffee, and don’t forget to gorge on luscious cakes and gourmet pastries at Gerbeaud’s (forget the diet conscious avatar of yours for a while)! Do not forget to take a specialized massage to rejuvenate yourself that’s available for less than £10. If you want to be lost in solitude, visit the Lake Balaton in Transdanubia, western Hungary. Also check out the Northern Hills and indulge in some locally produced wines to quench your thirst.


This developing country with 29 states within it, is a must visit for vacationists planning a budget-friendly holiday. You could live like a king in deluxe hotels in its metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, for less than $75, and also indulge in shopping high brands at ridiculously low rates. You want more? Well, you could live on just $22 and spend an entire day lavishly, with all the travelling, stay, and enjoying spicy and delicious meals thrice a day. It’s that cheap! Whether you want to witness the serene beauty of the hills (Northern India including our very own Kashmir), view a deserted region (Thar Desert, Rajasthan), or soak up the Sun in sea-beaches (Goa and Southern Indian States), India has it all. With the culturally rich places, full of heritage sites, like the world famous Taj Mahal in Agra, India is one place you cannot afford to miss.


The ‘Kingdom of Thailand’ is again a beautiful and one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Offering world class scenic beauty, lip smacking food, and affordable stay at luxuriant resorts, this place is surely on our ‘go-to’ charts. Even economical hotels are available that offer rooms for less than $10 a night. The street food of Thailand is again very well-received by foodies, and you have to spend just an average of $4 for it a day. Explore the peaceful Buddhist temples, visit the floating markets, indulge in the exotic beaches and unwind with Thai spas, to have the most top-drawer experience in Thailand, and that too at nominal rates.

Sri Lanka

This island country can be described in one word as ‘magnificent’. With tea plantations, palm trees swinging at the sea beaches, humongous waterfalls and high mountains, Sri Lanka is nothing short of an epic scenery. The good part is, you can have an exotic vacation here, at a low price, and you could live like a king by spending just £25 a day. Don’t forget to gorge on the tasty fish curry that is a specialty here. Visit the elegant Buddhist temples and Portuguese style fortresses to witness their holiness, coupled with bewildering architecture. Also do stop by the Yala National Park, to indulge in the Sri Lankan wildlife.

Hong Kong

An ideal destination for the shopaholics, and seafood lovers, Hong Kong also has a rich cultural heritage. You can manage to spend a night lavishly under $17. With a thousand skyscrapers, tourist spots like Jumbo Kingdom (a floating restaurant), Big Buddha (that is 120 ft. high), Nathan Road, and Stanley Market, Hong Kong has a lot to offer to its vacationists. Also, you can have a ferry ride on the vintage ‘Star Ferry’ for only 30 U.S. cents, and explore the enchanting urban city. Do not forget to try the ‘dim sums’ that are a specialty here.

So where are you planning to travel next? Book your tickets at the earliest, for cheaper fares!