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16 Ridiculously Expensive Things Bought By Celebrities


It is a well-known fact that celebrities who earn astronomically high disposable incomes tend to indulge in outrageous passions. They have an inherent desire to possess the weirdest materialistic things on earth.  And we love to see them do these histrionics. We hope you like this list of celebrities who bought outrageous things with their wealth.

Kim Bassinger buys an entire town for $20 Million

Talk about outrageous celebrity indulgences and Kim Bassinger’s prized purchase of the whole town of Braselton in Georgia is just mind-blowing. In 1989, Kim bought a town in Georgia for a ridiculous amount of $20 million. There is a story behind this. She got this idea while traveling through the town and got caught in traffic. She intended to turn the town into an attraction for tourists. As you would have guessed it turned out to be an unwise buy. Her concept failed. She had to sell it for $1 million and declared bankruptcy. She did stay invested in this for five long years.

Katy Perry gifts a trip to outer space for Russell Brand (her ex)

Living up to her reputation of being odd, Katy Perry gifted Russell Brand (her ex-husband) a trip to outer space on his 35th birthday. On a lighter note, that meant she planned to send him out of her life.

Waterfall (Angelina Jolie)

On her husband, Brad Pitt’s 48th birthday Angelina Jolie gifted him a waterfall. Really? A waterfall. She also bought the property overseeing the waterfall and later designed it into a home. The gift did suit Brad because he has a love for architecture. We assume Brad Pitt surprised her with an equally outrageous gift.


Lady Gaga buys Michael Jackson’s Clothes

A big fan of the late king of pop, Lady Gaga bought quite a lot of memorabilia from Michael Jackson’s estate. Along with buying a few signed CDs, she bought many of MJs clothes. She bought his jeans, t-shirts, and a jacket which cost approximately $250,000. She also bought the icon’s iconic crystal glove which cost her $100,000. The crazy and impactful performer she is, these purchases do fit her.


Miley Cyrus’ love for her puppies is a Range Rover 

People love dogs and they are considered a man’s best friends. But, no one beats Miley Cyrus for the affection she has for her two dogs. She took the love for her dogs to an unfathomable level. She bought them a Range Rover that was estimated at $162,000. The luxury SUV isn’t used for everyday driving. It is exclusively used when her dogs need to go for a ride. Talk about puppy love.

Akon – Diamond Mine: undisclosed price

The rapping legend gave outrageous luxurious purchase a whole new definition when he bought an entire diamond mine in Africa. Yes, entire diamonds mine. Now, he can use the mine to dig up diamonds for his taste of bling which he flashes unapologetically in almost all his songs. The exact location of this mine is not yet known. Do let us know if you happen to know.


Celine Dion – Humidifier: $2 Million

Celine Dion‘s marvelous voice is high maintenance. She trains and pampers her vocal cords in style. To do this she bought a humidifier for an outrageous amount of $2 million. Usually, a dehumidifier costs $20 at a local departmental store. So, how much are you willing to shell out to pamper yourself?

T-54 Soviet Tank (Brad Pitt)

The Brad Pitt starer war movie “World War Z” didn’t do all that great commercially. It bombed. But, what it did for its actors was it gave them a lifetime opportunity to pick an item from the movie’s set and take it home. So, what did Brad Pitt opt for? He opted to take home the T-54 Soviet tank. Sources, confirm that the T-54 was fully functional when it was being shipped to Brad Pitt’s home in Southern California. We wonder where did he park that and where does he drive it to.

Nicolas Cage bought an Octopus and two King Cobras for $275,000

Think of owners of exotic pets and Nicolas Cage is the first name that comes to mind. Who buys snakes and octopus as pets? Nicolas Cage does. He paid $275,000 to buy a rare species of King Cobra and an octopus. The Cobra is named Moby and Octopus is called Sheba. A little trivia. He is smart enough to know that King Cobra is the venomous snake. So, he always kept around him an antidote serum, in case he got bitten by Moby. However, his love for these two didn’t last very long and because of the financial crisis he had to return them to the zoo.

Jay Z – 75 Bottles of Bubbly: $250,000

Jay Z used to be the brand icon of a champagne company called Cristal. When the contract ended he switched to endorsing Armand de Brignac, also known as “Ace of Spades”. At a party in Miami, along with his coteries, he bought 75 bottles of “Ace of Spades” which cost him $250,000. He is officially the record holder of popping up the maximum number of bottles in a single night. To top it, he also tipped the bartenders a whopping $50,000 as a tip. That’s how you be happy and keep others happier!

Mike Tyson bought two White Bengal Tigers for $150,000

The boxing legend Mike Tyson actually bought two white Bengal tigers which are featured in the movie The Hangover II. Each tiger cost him $70,000 to own. Add to that $200,000 in food for both the tigers. He also hired an animal trainer at $125,000 per year to train and take care of them. The running cost of maintaining this outrageous taste for pets is a whopping $400,000 dollars.

Kanye West buys 10 Burger King Franchises for Kim Kardashian

Did you know Kim Kardashian had an interesting fetish? Kanye West catered to this fetish by buying 10 Burger King Franchisees worth $7.5 million that were scattered across Europe. This was his present to Kim. Well done Kanye! It’s a present but a smart investment choice too.

Beyonce buys gold embellished leggings worth $100,000

Singer, as well as a performer with a perfect figure, Beyonce Knowles pampered herself and her legs by buying a pair of gold embellished legging worth $100,000. Yes, you heard it right, Gold embellished leggings! So, much for a pair of sexy legs. She wore them while performing at the BET awards in 2007.


Walnut Farm (James Cameron)

James Cameron’s is known for his love for nature. He owns a farm in New Zealand. He noticed a walnut farm nearby and decided that he needs to have it in his name. Immediately, he signed a cheque and the farm was his. Our question to James- How will you find time to nurture this farm of your’s?

Tom Cruise buys Sonogram Machine

Tom Cruise’s histrionics is a universal truth. This was justified by none other than himself when he bought a Sonogram to monitor ultrasound of his baby girl Suri while she was still inside Katie Holmes’s belly. He paid $200,000 for it, Despite the doctor’s advice that the frequent monitoring of ultrasound could put the baby’s health at risk, Cruise still went ahead. Thankfully Suri is doing fine.

Paris Hilton customizes a doghouse

It is not just Miley Cyrus who loves dogs. Paris Hilton is a dog lover too. How did she express love for dogs? She designed a custom doghouse worth $325,000. And guess what, it is designed after one her mansions, it has designer furniture, air conditioner, and a chandelier. A lot of style to those dogs. and Paris sure knows the best.