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16 Ridiculously Expensive Things Bought By Celebrities


It is a well-known fact that celebrities who earn astronomically high disposable incomes tend to indulge in outrageous passions. They have an inherent desire to possess the weirdest materialistic things on earth.  And we love to see them do these histrionics. We hope you like this list of celebrities who bought outrageous things with their wealth.

Kim Bassinger buys an entire town for $20 Million

Talk about outrageous celebrity indulgences and Kim Bassinger’s prized purchase of the whole town of Braselton in Georgia is just mind-blowing. In 1989, Kim bought a town in Georgia for a ridiculous amount of $20 million. There is a story behind this. She got this idea while traveling through the town and got caught in traffic. She intended to turn the town into an attraction for tourists. As you would have guessed it turned out to be an unwise buy. Her concept failed. She had to sell it for $1 million and declared bankruptcy. She did stay invested in this for five long years.