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Know More About The Characters Of The Most Trending TV series – Game of Thrones


On stepping into the fantasy world of this T.V show we learnt about Dire wolves, Three eyed-raven, White walkers and Dragons. Beheading, flaying, backstabbing and plotting seemed so uncommon. Winterfell felt like home and The Red Keep-our fortress. The characters-some we love and some we love to hate. We cried when our favorites were stabbed and burnt, and promised to never watch the gruesome show again. But we returned and will keep returning to experience the sheer genius that Game of Thrones is. It manages to be what other shows rarely are- A Phenomena. The cast is brilliant and so much in their characters, that we deny to picture them as anything else. Most of the cast being newcomers makes it even tougher. Well, Surprise! Ned Stark is alive and doing very well for himself, Jon Snow knows a few things here and there, and Varys has hair and well, the other more important thing- you know what we mean (wink)!

Peter Dinklage As Tyrion Lannister

Let’s have a look into the real life of our most favorite character Tyrion Lannister. He is undoubtedly one of the most loved characters in the show. A man of small stature but high on intelligence and wine. 46-year-old, Peter Dinklage is an American actor known for numerous films such as Elf, Living on oblivion, The Chronicles of Narnia etc. True to his famous dialogue in GoT, Peter knows what he is, and ‘wears it like an armour’ for his own benefit. He has won many awards for his role as Tyrion and was nominated multiple times. We see him dressed in leather jackets (Medieval style) and boots looking every bit a Lannister, but seeing him in real life comes as a surprise. We see him on the red carpet events carrying off designer suits, and often he is dressed in casuals and beanies. Lord Tyrion looks every bit stylish anywhere. He is seen as a ladies’ man in GoT, but in real life, he is a man madly in love with his wife. We will see him lend his voice in the forthcoming Angry Birds Movie. Here’s a picture of him walking his dog. WEIRD!

Lena Heady As Queen Cersei

Like his little brother, Queen Cersei, had a well-established acting career before appearing on Game of Thrones. Lena Heady is a renowned English Actor par excellence, and we loved and rooted for her in ‘300’. The queen she was in 300 made us woo her, unlike in GoT. But there is no denying, her acting skills are great. She was seen in “Imagine me and you”, playing a florist who falls for another married woman. Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton doesn’t only stick to medieval fashion but borrows stylish cues from Japanese and Persian-style clothing. Cersei Lannister dons dresses with v-shaped, Japanese-style necklines, where one layer of fabric overlaps with the other at the bust, like on a kimono. Embroidered details add to her regal look. Various interviews show Lena Heady is quite like Cersei- intelligent and arrogant. But she looks way different. Way, way different. And look! She is ‘not sorry’. Badass!

Emilia Clarke As Khaleesi

Next up is our Mother of Dragons, who rose to fame with GoT.  Emilia Clarke is busy filming the romantic film ‘Me before You’. Set in Oxford in the present day, she is not blonde, and is barely recognizable as Queen of the Andals, or the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. So much so that ‘Drogon’ might fail to recognize his mum. We love her in the Coldplay feat. GoT cast’s musical. Rastafarian Targaryen indeed.

Sean Bean As Lord Eddard Stark

In his 20 plus years in the showbiz, Sean Bean has worked in theater, TV, Radio and movies. His first famous role was as Sharpe in the British series Sharpe. He also appeared in ‘The Lord of the Rings’. He has also featured in numerous hit movies like Troy, James Bond & National Treasure. He starred in the widely popular Game of Thrones as Lord Eddard Stark. Having earned a reputation of getting killed off of many TV shows, he could star in only 10 episodes of GoT before being written off. The 56-year-old is comfortable in his own skin and accepts every wrinkle that comes with age. When it comes to style, he can carry off anything from jeans to jackets to suits, and was also named the second sexiest man in 2004. Oh, and the “man-bun” got us drooling over the middle-aged honorable – Lord Stark.

Kit Harrington As Jon Snow

Best known for his role as Jon Snow in the hit TV series Game of Thrones, Kit Harrington was inspired to take up acting, after watching ‘Waiting for Godot’. He was 14. He landed his first role in ‘War Horse’ while he was studying drama and theater studies in college. After War Horse, he landed his first television role, as Jon Snow. He has taken the ‘black’ in the show, and in real life he looks kind of the same with the tangled locks and gruffly kept beard, but for a change, he smiles often. Harington’s style is played-down casual. He favors skinny jeans, leather boots & belts. He is the poster boy for smart and casual dressing, who likes to keep it simple. He might not be in season 6(We never know) but we will see him in a few other projects thankfully.

Nikolai Coster-Waldau As Jamie Lannister

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is instantly recognizable as the sly and arrogant Jamie Lannister. It is no surprise that with his chiseled jaw, perfect hair and handsome looks, he makes the girls swoon over him. The 46-year-old landed his first role in Night watch (1994) as the lead, however, he got the taste of Hollywood only a decade later when he made his first appearance in the movie ‘Black Hawk Down’. We saw him recently in “Gods of Egypt”. We got our eyes on you King-slayer!

Maissie Williams As Arya Stark

Newcomer Maisie Williams is our favorite young assassin in making as Arya Stark. She is feisty, smart and snappy on screen, adorable and playful off. She is dressed in the same torn and dirty robe, season after season; but her dressing sense is fresh and new, when off screen. Quite refreshing! She has many upcoming projects in hand, at present. Way to go girl! Also, she’s a trained ballet dancer. So, what are the odds?

Sophie Turner As Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark is a grim teenager with a haunting past and a regrettable crush. Let’s face it, she is beautiful both as Sansa (her character in GoT) and Sophie Turner (for real). This really tall girl is an active Instagrammer too; so typical Sansa! She makes her own dresses on the show, but Sophie likes to keep the designers close. Chic!

Kristian As Hodor

This might come as a shock! Hodor has crazy DJ-ing skills and Kristian is pretty rock-n-roll off screen. So, ‘Hodor’ is certainly not the only word that he knows.

We get to know our favorite characters off screen in a whole new way, which is unimaginable while we are engrossed watching and binge-watching, the episodes of the trending TV series. Same people yet so different! GoT FTW!