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7 Romantic Movies That Will Make You Crave For A Partner


Out of all the abstract feelings in the world, that manifest within our soul and governs our deterministic thought process, love is the only feeling that makes you feel warm even in the darkest of hours. It is, perhaps the inexhaustible source of magic that shines a ray of hope and challenges to move forward with your life. People who have been neglecting the true meaning of love or haven’t experienced the share of mutual emotion ever really understood what it meant to be in true love. And with the enormous globalization of the media that values the erogenous emotions of the audience, movies have become the most effective source to ignite love in the darkest corner of your heart and makes you crave for your partner’s presence. While most of the movies are just a random fiction, some are actually based on true stories that are guaranteed to tear-jerk you till the very end.

Here is a list of 7 romantic movies spawned over several decades that would surely make your fall in love with your partner over and over again and would make you crave for their physical presence beside you desperately. And if you have missed any one of these, make sure that’s going to end up in your bucket list as well.


One of the finest productions by James Cameron, this romance disaster masterpiece has won several prestigious accolades and appreciation, and remained as a template of romance for all the couples around the world. The major plot of Titanic was a true adaptation, but with a certain twist, Cameron managed to exhibit a complete old fashioned story of a 17 year old girl, Rose (Kate Winslet) boards the finest cruise liners of that age just to get married and solve their family’s financial problems, where she falls in a tentative friendship with Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), a penniless artist and finally they fall in love. However, providence takes a detour as the ship crashes into an iceberg, which consequently kills thousands including Jack, who holds on to Rose till his last breath. A supercilious movie, surpassing several romance stories, clearly defines that your beloved/lover will always stay by your side until the very end. The story is hauntingly beautiful, with extreme tear-jerking emotions exhibited in the end, portraying that love would make your partner conquer everything just to be with you.

The Notebook

Based on the novel by Nicolas Spark, the movie opens with a backdrop of an octogenarian Noah Calhoun reading from pages of a handwriting notebook to Allie Hamilton, who lies in the hospital, bedridden and opens up about their first meet in the backdrop of 1930’s North Carolina, where the city girl, Allie meets Noah. The movie digs deeper, revealing several moments of passionate love, but they only met failure to get themselves unified. The movie concludes with both Noah and Allie embraces a peaceful death while lying on the same bed, holding hands, giving the message that true love always finds a closure no matter how many time Fate separates them apart.

Annie Hall

An exceptionally intellectual and culturally progressed movie, which is narrated by Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) who tells about his ex-lover Annie Hall (Diane Keaton), a nightclub singer but fails to unite themselves together owing to several issues with his previous unsuccessful marriages. Unlike most movies, this movie is a complete monologue, described by Alvy, whose voice echoed with inspiring monologues that will enthrall you the passion exhibited by someone who falls in a perfect love with Annie. A craft of perfect brinkmanship and with an exceptional ingenuity with the plot, the story captivates the heart of countless forlorn lovers, encouraging them never to give up on their failed relationships and maybe reconsidering the situation to amend their past grudges.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This movie is critically acclaimed to be tender, funny and yet productively passionate to question yourself about the meaning of true love over and over again. The story opens with the background of Joel Barish (Jim Carey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) who meets on a train, and forgoes for a romantic journey, completely unaware of the fact that they’ve been in a relationship before, which unfortunately had gone sour. The story progress with humorous remarks and impressive expression for romance, and closes with the twist revealing the Joel’s bittersweet memories once he’s off the sedative, allowing him to remember a completely bizarre dreamlike vision about his present relation with Clem. Extremely dark humored, but lingers with a sweet romantic touch that would definitely never allow you to leave your partner.

Silver Linings Playbook

The central theme of the movie focuses on the idea that “loves makes you go crazy enough to fight and win back the person you love”. This enigmatic movie opens with mentally challenged Pat (Bradley Cooper) who goes psycho, after finding his wife Nikki to be in their shower with an interloper. He tries to seek mental stability by expressing his urge to learn to courtship dance from Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) whom he meets at a dinner party. After exchanging several ostensible simmering friendship formalities, he falls in love and finally performs the courtship dance with her, which gives a new hope of affection and love in life, apart from loving and supporting his favorite football team – Philadelphia Eagles. Convoluted with several intricate ideas, the movie tried to fabricate the idea of what it feels like to be losing the loved ones and also surfacing the notion that taking second chances to fall in love would save you from getting asininely mad.

A Walk to Remember

Another fine adaptation based on the book “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Spark, this movie reveals the simplest love story of a directionless, reckless Landon Carter (Shane West) who gets involved in doing community service as disciplinary services, falls in love with the town’s minister’s daughter Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore). The plot focuses on the youthful love and heart-wrenching relationships that encumbers them with passion, making them irrevocable from each other, after exploring several twists and turns in their journey.

500 Days of Summer

Another omniscient monologue narrated by Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon Levitt), who revisits about his 1yr relationship with Summer (Zooey Deschanel), a mysteriously unpredictable woman with a quirky sense of humor. The movie shuttles back and forth in a non-linear manner describing his many failed attempts to find the perfect soul mate, which he believed he saw in Summer, a non-believer in relationship theory. But he finally wins her own with his cheerful alacrity and their shared love for “The Smiths” that unites them together. The story, even though hasn’t got a happy ending, depicts that love needs a choice and a reason to pursue for higher levels. With extremely spontaneous catchphrases and philosophical theories about life and love, this movie don’t have the element to be qualified as a happy love story, yet all the elements when fabricate together would make complete sense about love, concluding off it as a imperfect love story.

If you’re still flummoxed about the concept about the love, maybe it’s time you should finish off the seven aforementioned movies, that would definitely invoke an involuntary reflex for you to reach out and dial your partner to express your love for them.