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15 Things You Didn’t Know About House Of Cards


It is common to see people not knowing some of the most basic facts of their favorite TV program. This article focuses on telling you 15 of the most hidden facts about House of Cards, a well-known American serial. Keep reading in order to get to know some and show off a bit in front of your friends!


If Kevin Spacey had not signed up for the project, then House of Cards would not have been produced. He was the only hope for the series to star as the lead actor. He was absolutely imperative to the series. This was because of his outstanding experience in TV series and drama. He was also the best character for the show.


During its conception, an independent studio known as Media rights Capital purchased the rights to House of cards with the sole intention of creating a series. This was catalyzed by the need to create a television series due to its long-term nature with the producers adding that filming did not allow for complicated characterization the way that television series allows. When Willimon Beau was contacted to translate the politics of Washington at that time in the form of a TV series, he saw an opportunity to produce a different series altogether from the original one in the BBC miniseries and deepened its overall story which would capture the politics of Washington at that time.

Writing period

For one season of house of cards to be complete in writing, the writers took roughly seven months. This was according to the creator of House of Cards, as seen in one of his tweets. This was a long duration of time for the series.


Show adviser

Hillary Clinton is the political adviser of the House of Cards. He is the one in charge of all political affairs in the series advising the producers on political matters and influence in regard to its affiliation politically and the depiction of the storyline.


Kevin Spansey,is also an executive producer

Apart from being the lead actor as a rogue and ruthless politician in the series, Kevin Spansey also signed in as an Executive producer but behind the scenes.


David Fincher as the director of the series

The first two episodes of the series were directed by the executive producer, David Fincher, after signing up for the task during the preliminary stages of the casting. He is a renowned producer, actor, and director in the region.


President Obama and the house of cards attachment

President Barrack Obama admitted through a tweet that he was a great fan of the House of Cards series. He asked that no one should reveal the episodes before he watched them fully.


Show casting

Every cast in the House of Cards TV series was a first choice selection pick. This was according to David Fincher, the executive producer of the series. All the members who were casting the show haven’t been changed till date.


President  Garret Walker and Secretary of state Cathy Durant are couples

The actors, Michael Gill, who was playing the role of the president, and Jayne Atkinson, playing the secretary of state were married even before they were given their roles in the series. Even their producer, David Fincher was not aware of their marital status during their roles in the series House of Cards. He came to know about their marital status later. This was during the time they were receiving their credits for an episode of the series.

Production cost

To produce one season of the series, House of Cards, it took $ 100 Million. Despite the fact that House of Cards was a great deal for Netflix streaming service, it was also an expensive one since it would cost the producers $ 100 Million to get 13 episodes of each season out for broadcasting. In some instances, the show got tax credits as a result of high costs of production involved.

Kate Mara gets assistance from her sister in her role

In her role as Zoe Barnes in the series, Kate Mara requested her sister Rooney to assist her in the wording of her role since she loved it so much. At that time, sister was working with David Fincher on the drama known as the girl with the dragon tattoo. In the following month, the producers called Kate for the auditions and she ended up as one of the greatest actresses in the show.


Accolades and nominations

During its first season premiere, House of Cards received various nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards. Robin Wright was declared the first to win a Golden Globe Award for starring in an online series.

Netflix Streaming Service

Netflix Streaming Service, the winner of the bid to broadcast the series, had signed up only for two seasons in advance to broadcast the series. There was a lot of competition in the series which Netflix Services had to face, but it was later able to scoop the award after bidding to broadcast the show for two seasons at a go.


Rachel Brosnaham is back again!

Rachel Brosnaham, who was acting as Rachel Posna was only given five lines to act upon in the show but she ended up coming back to the action after the directors saw a great talent in her. She ended up becoming a great actor in the series.


First Original Production by Netflix

House of Cards was the first original production by Netflix to be nominated for an Emmy award. It won a nomination of the most outstanding sound mixing for a series award. Other nominations for Netflix included Netflix original series of Hemlock and the four seasons of Arrested Development.